Nottingham Castle

Aerial Drone Survey

In 2018, Sky Revolutions was contacted by a construction consultancy firm with whom it had a history of successful collaborations. This time, Sky Revolutions was asked to provide drone survey data for a high-profile restoration and construction project that was due to take place at Nottingham Castle.

Sky Revolutions’ pilots were tasked with carrying out an aerial survey of the site, including the castle and its grounds, as well as Castle Rock on which it is situated. The aim was to provide condition survey data about the rock face and parts of the structure. This information would be used to plan the next steps in an ambitious and widely publicised rejuvenation and redevelopment project.

About the Project

Plans had been drawn up to invest a total of £29.4 million redeveloping Nottingham Castle. This ambitious project was to include construction work on the Ducal Palace, the grounds, and the sprawling cave systems hidden within Castle Rock.

Nottingham Castle had been the stage for power struggles, protest, and rebellion throughout the centuries, and it was sure to contain surprises. Its revitalisation was intended to honour the wealth of its history and the depth of its collections, while also reflecting the modern-day lives of the people of Nottingham.

The plans for this transformation were ambitious and work was scheduled to continue to the year 2020. The castle sits atop a site known to contain thousands of years of history, meaning work would have to be carried out with great care in order to preserve the archaeology and stories that were sure to come to surface.

The Results

Sky Revolutions knew it would have to devise a strategy to deal with the location’s distinctive setting and features. To that end, Sky Revolutions had its pilots fly DJI Matrice 210 drones equipped with both Z30 and X5S cameras.

The Z30 was chosen for its excellent stability, even at extreme focal lengths. Featuring 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom, the Z30 can provide a combined magnification of 180x. This capability, combined with its sophisticated gimbal technology and precision controls, made it an ideal choice for a surveying challenge like this.

The other camera, the X5S, features a large, micro four thirds sensor. This has a large dynamic range of 12.8 light stops, meaning it can capture visual data in scenes that contain both bright skies and dark crevices; a task which is beyond the capabilities of lesser cameras, but one that is vital at a site like this. With the right combination of skills, technology and knowhow, Sky Revolutions was able to provide the data needed to move the project forward.

If you are interested in learning more about aerial surveying for historical buildings and landmarks, contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options.

Project Stats

Job TypeAerial Drone Survey
ClientNottingham Castle
LocationNottingham, UK
BriefSky Revolutions was asked to provide aerial drone survey data for a high-profile restoration and construction project that was due to take place at Nottingham Castle.