Measured Building Surveys

We understand the importance of accurate, cost-effective surveying so all our measured building surveys are conducted using the latest laser measurement equipment to RICS standard specifications. We supply raw data to pass onto your engineer, architect or in-house CAD team, or our experienced team of AutoCAD Technicians can produce drawings and plans to your specification – including 2D CAD drawings or 3D CAD modelling and scaled cross sections.

Take a look at the different data outputs we can provide; read our recent case study for Aston Group here.

Measured building survey set up in field with equipment and van in shot
Measured building surveys conducted using RICS standard specifications
Example of 3D Point Cloud Image output
Examples of 3D Point Cloud Image output

Imaging skills

If you only need floor plans, that’s fine with us, we can undertake as much or as little work and deliver data as the project specifies.

However, one of the real benefits of using Sky Revolutions for your measured building surveys is our ability to deliver added value in the form of building images and photo-realistic representations. We use digital cameras with very high resolution for ultra-detailed structural images – giving you a comprehensive set of image data to help you make more informed decisions.

3D laser scanning

We deliver detail and versatility with our 3D laser scanning techniques. It allows us to capture data remotely on site – especially helpful in areas that might be difficult to access and measure, areas that are intricate in detail, or areas that are historically or otherwise sensitive.

From floor plan surveys to geometric data, we use 3D laser scanning technology to deliver essential data in a digitally accurate point cloud.

view from ground up of 3D laser scanner
3D laser scanning provides detail and versatility
Walthamstow Library - black and white Point Cloud image
Walthamstow Library – black and white Point Cloud image

All the detail – in less than a day

3D laser scanning in measured building surveys is a fast way of capturing and delivering large amounts of data in millimetre accuracy within a range of 130m per scan. This means only one site visit should be needed – helping you to keep the project costs down.

Take a look at some of the latest tools we use, like the Trimble X7 laser scanner and the Leica RTC360.

Do you require measured surveys to accurately measure your building or structure? Renowned for our many years’ experience, Sky Revolutions are veterans in construction imaging. Using our in-house team of AutoCAD Technicians, we can go the extra mile to produce 2D and 3D models for your business. Get in touch to discuss further.

Output and deliverables

Measured building surveys can be undertaken on all building types and will include floor and roof plans, calculations of net and gross area or room size, internal and external elevations, reflective ceiling plans and sections.

Data can be produced in a variety of formats. Point Cloud data from 3D laser scanning can be supplied in TruView. Other outputs include Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation, 2D plans, maps and drawings, 3D CAD wireframes, elevations, cross-sections, HD images, film, and 360-degree panoramic photographs.

Example of format of data and information produced after measured building surveys
RICS standards and guidelines brochure
RICS standards and guidelines

Working together

We operate to RICS standard specifications but are happy to discuss alternative, bespoke specifications as the job demands. Data is delivered quickly and to the highest standards – our surveying and construction expertise means we often provide additional information in the context of the project that enriches decision making.

Need a quote for your measured building survey? Get in touch with as much information about your site as possible. We’ll talk through the detail with you and deliver a detailed quote and proposal showing the project scope and deliverables.