Topographic surveys

Aerial topographic surveys show the features of a landscape – from permanent structures to land contours and spot levels that show the elevation of the terrain. In addition to aerial topographic surveys, we provide topographic surveys in the form of general land or boundary surveys, construction surveys, or aerial surveys depending on the terrain and scale of the site.

Aerial topographic surveys may be particularly useful for water and power sectors as well as for construction sectors. In this type of survey, ultra-high-definition images are captured to develop high-density topographic models including point clouds, digital surface or terrain models, and ortho-mosaics

Aerial Topographic Survey
Aerial Topographic Survey
3D models using LiDAR sensors

3D models

Our drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) provide cost effective solutions for topographic surveying and can be fitted with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors or use photogrammetry to provide accurate 3D models. LiDAR uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distances to the surface of the object. These light pulses, combined with other data recorded by the airborne system, generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its characteristics.

Data delivery

Aerial topographic surveys are beneficial where there is a very large area to survey, where that area is difficult to access or where there are multiple sites to survey. In each of these situations, drones can be deployed quickly and safely to capture all the necessary information, minimise the number of people needed on site, and speed decision making with fast access to image data.

Once data is captured, we will supply it in your chosen format.

Aerial topographic surveys
construction equipment - hat, tape, safety glasses, gloves


Aerial topographic surveys are useful in capturing data for earthworks (stockpile and spoil heap calculations), river restoration and flood management, catchment modelling, excavation calculations, mining, quarrying and landfill, and highways and infrastructure mapping. We also undertake stockpile assessments via highly accurate volumetric surveys. Find out more here.

Exceptional accuracy

We have decades of experience in the surveying and aerial surveying sector and assure all our customers that our topographic and aerial topographic surveys are undertaken to deliver exceptional accuracy – in the survey itself, the data captured, and the image and data delivery – enabling complete confidence in decision making.

This is just one of the specialised surveying services we offer. Please contact us today to discuss your Topographic Survey.

Sky revolutions truck and drone in operation