telecoms survey to inspect towers and masts
Aerial telecoms surveys allow fast and efficient inspection of towers and masts

Telecoms Surveys

Regular inspection and maintenance of towers and masts, especially inspection of the steelwork, is necessary but traditionally costly. Sky Revolutions’ aerial telecoms surveys are fast, cost-efficient, and safe, allowing you to see the telecoms mast in exceptional detail.

Data from an inspection can show up small impossible-to-see issues or major structural defects which can support intervention or major remediation decisions. Knowledge of the position of the defect or issue helps ensure swift repairs are planned and undertaken, as the engineer can go straight to the point of concern.


Panoramic photography can be used in the telecommunication sector for evaluating site environments and localised obstructions to assist with proposed site upgrades or valuations. We can capture high quality images at 360° intervals at various heights using UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), aerial platforms, or our van-mounted telescopic masts fitted with a high-resolution camera.

Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and thermal imaging can be combined with an aerial telecoms survey to help enrich the volume and type of data (depending on the project at hand), whatever the need.

thermal imaging for telecoms surveys
Thermal imaging results for aerial surveying
man in field sending images sent to customers of telecoms surveys
Quickly processed images and film can be fedback to stakeholders with ease

Image output

Geotagged photographs provide a record of the site visit. We can also feedback film and video feeds to stakeholders and engineers, allowing them to see live footage and make faster decisions. Images are processed and delivered quickly in a format to suit you.

Telecommunication Site Surveying Services

  • Geotagged images for Tower and Mast maintenance.
  • 360° panoramic photography from various heights.
  • Photogrammetry, LiDAR point clouds and thermal image combinations available.
  • Close-up monitoring for one-off inspections or as part of planned preventative maintenance.
close up of lens for telecoms site surveys
Telecommunication site surveying services
surveying at height
Sky surveyors and drone pilots are fully qualified and CAA registered.

Working with us

When you work with the team at Sky Revolutions, you can rest assured that all our surveyors and drone pilots are fully qualified, and CAA registered. Sky Revolutions was one of the first companies to realise the benefits of surveying with drones, and our skills and knowledge have been in demand ever since.

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