thermal imaging survey - heat sensitive cameras

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Sky Revolutions thermal imaging surveys help you identify issues not normally visible to the naked eye. Solar farms situated over large areas of land, or inaccessible power lines are obvious assets that benefit greatly from regular thermal inspections.

Any leaks, temperature loss, defects, connection problems or malfunctions can be quickly identified, allowing you to take fast remediation action. Drones are also able to fly lower than manned aircraft, and therefore get closer to the subject, resulting in the capturing of greater detail in high definition thermal imaging.

Imaging technology

Thermal imaging surveys use unique heat sensitive cameras that can identify small differences in temperature to 0.01°C. Images are created from heat (infrared thermal radiation) rather than visible light.

Thermal imaging cameras detect differences in heat emitting from: buildings, electrical circuits, capacitors, couplings and insulation, liquids and gas, land and rocks, vehicles, machinery, and even living species, animals, and vegetation. They can even identify heat variation in darkness and through dust and smoke, making them ideal for mining environments.

thermal imaging surveys - high definition images
Drones with onboard thermal imaging survey capability

Industry benefits

Calibrated radiometric temperature data can be achieved easily and safely for utility companies with substations, transmission and distribution lines, water works, chimney stacks, telecoms masts and more.

For construction site inspections, thermal imaging surveys provide useful information about a specific area on a roof, delivering actionable data for quick decision making. Solar farms are probably one of the biggest beneficiaries of thermal surveys – allowing a complete understanding of the health of the farm in a few minutes.

Energy efficiency

Ensure you have an energy-efficient property by having regular thermal surveys, which not only monitor the environmental efficiency of your building, but also help to reduce your energy bills.

Predictive maintenance

Thermal surveys are an effective predictive maintenance technology. Instigating a planned programme of predictive maintenance using thermal imaging surveys can significantly reduce both cost and maintenance.

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Data capture

Once the data is captured, we will supply survey data in a digital format to meet your needs, e.g. 3D visualisations, temperature profiles and georeferenced images. We can also provide additional photography or video footage if required.

drone close up
Lense close up - for thermal imaging

Thermal imaging services

Heat loss surveys, 3D visualisation and temperature profiles
Thermographic imaging to assess building integrity
Thermal imaging surveys for BREEAM compliance
Energy reduction and CO2 emission assessments

Other drone survey services

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