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Sky Revolutions offers a safer, cost effective means of surveying at height, making the inaccessible, accessible.

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Sky Revolutions - Leaders in Aerial Imaging, Aerial Surveying, and Land and Below-ground Surveying

We work with some of the world's largest construction, transport and utility organisations to deliver leading commercial land and aerial surveying services, such as:

Topographical surveysUtilities surveys
Condition surveys
Thermal Surveys
Indoor aerial surveys
Telecoms Site Surveys
Overhead Powerline Surveys
Volumetric Surveys

Sky Revolutions was one of the first UK organisations to realise the benefits of drones in surveying. Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) offer significant advantages in surveying and high-level inspection. For construction sectors, energy, renewables and facilities management, drones are an excellent way to generate high-quality, high-resolution data and imagery - at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying methods and with very little safety risk.

In addition to drone surveying, we offer land and below ground surveying, building measurement surveys and high level repair and remediation work through our Projects Division. The latter was developed to meet growing demand for high-level repair and maintenance work following an aerial survey. Unlike many other drone surveying companies, we have long experience in the construction sector and can often identify faults, offer advice and effect the repair ourselves.

We conduct research, and develop guide documents for industry sectors embarking on their first drone survey. If you're thinking of making the transition from manual surveying methods - rope access, scissor lift or scaffold construction - to aerial surveying by drone, get in touch today; we'd be happy to discuss your needs and give you a no obligation quote.

We use industry-leading Falcon 8 drones in all our surveys. Falcon 8s are robust professional octocopter drones that offer unprecedented precision and safety with AscTec high-performance GPS. Each drone has super-safe triple redundancy and works with maximum efficiency in the air -- on and offshore, and even in the most challenging conditions.

Our drones are capable of providing fully automated flight routes in 2D and 3D - each of which is exactly reproducible through waypoint navigation. We can achieve highly reliable 360 degree spherical or cylindrical panoramas, Point-of-Interest (POI) imaging and Circle-of-Interest (COI) imaging and can process the resulting data quickly and efficiently. Output can include:

3D maps and Building Models
CAD Drawings
Aerial Photographs -- annotated to show points of interest
Photogrammetry Stockpile / volumetric images
Geospatially corrected orthophotos
Contour maps
Thermal images
Multispectral vegetation modelling

Drone surveying techniques vary from sector to sector as does the time required to undertake a full inspection. We offer highly competitive rates for renewables and turbine inspection, overhead powerline and transmission tower surveys, roof inspections, thermal and topographical surveys. Please get in touch to find out more.

Industries We Serve

Construction and Mining

Our surveying, drone surveying and inspection services for the construction sector provide effective, detailed insight using the very latest technology. Precision inspection and mapping is carried out by RICS accredited surveyors and some of the most experienced drone pilots in the country.

Drone surveys (sometimes referred to as aerial surveys), building measurement surveys, condition surveys, topographic and volumetric surveys provide highly accurate representations of your project, area or asset. Our construction expertise means we provide considered observation and insight - we identify and focus on critical areas and can advise on strategies for remediation.

Drone surveying services are increasingly important in providing the construction sector with faster, safer and more cost-effective ways to inspect assets. Take a look at our case studies or get in touch to find out more about our approach and expertise.

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Utilities and Telecoms

Sky Revolutions supports clients in the telecoms, water, drainage and electricity utility sectors with expert inspection and surveying services. We understand the complexities involved in maintaining and upgrading assets, systems and masts and provide bespoke services to suit your requirements.

The use of drones in mast and high-level inspections can provide additional insight that was previously difficult or costly to obtain. drone surveys generate high-definition imagery and geotagged photographs as a record of the inspection. We also offer thermographic surveys outputting thermal imagery to identify temperature loss, leaks, connection problems and other defects and malfunctions.

Commissioning an drone survey helps significantly reduce the risk to personnel who would otherwise undertake manual inspections. We use world-class industry-leading drones with triple redundancy to further improve safety outcomes. Contact us to find out more.

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Energy and Renewables

We offer valuable services for on and offshore wind turbine inspections, solar site and solar panel inspections, weather masts, overhead powerline surveys, land surveys, and panoramic and 360 image site or site progress requirements.

UAV or drone surveys allow Asset Managers to visually access large areas of inaccessible land or difficult-to-access assets, and can support faster planning applications or site work as a result. High resolution and topographical imagery provides very high quality data for faster decision making.

The benefits of using drones to capture data in the energy and renewables sector are well documented. Drone surveys provide data up to four times quicker than rope access - a critical benefit when potential safety issues need to be assessed. At-height working risk is greatly reduced, and the subsequent cost-savings are considerable. All our pilots are CAA approved and we work closely with SHOC to ensure our processes and standards always reflect industry best-practice.

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Facilities Management

Facilities Managers are recognising the impact of drone surveying in removing some of the considerable burden surrounding roof and high building inspections. In addition to the improved safety, speed and cost benefits, drone surveys can supply rapid thermal imaging to detect water pooling, leaks or poor insulation.

Sky Revolutions can create CAD models and 3D topographic models from data captured by our drones - all of which can feed into Building Information Models (BIM) to help map buildings.

Drone surveying (sometimes referred to as aerial surveys) are an ideal solution for risk and architectural surveys, roof and tank inspections, insurance and damage assessments, bridge, infrastructure and land management. We also have significant indoor flying experience and provide an emergency 24 hour service. Please contact us for further information.

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