Accuracy is everything

Engage your audience in more detail – with 3D virtual tours for greater accuracy, more angles, more high quality imagery – than ever.

Here at Sky Revolutions, we offer the latest image technologies – whether that’s from the air, the ground, or in 3D.

How? By coupling use of the latest technologies like the Matterport scanner featured on this page with years of experience in ‘reading a room’ and adding value through sense-checking locations and buildings. Read about how we did this for a leading building services and facilities management company.

Have a go interacting with a Matterport-enabled tour yourself, below.

A Matterport scanner ready to create immersive 3D content

Speed collaboration and sign-off

When it comes to digitising, indexing and showcasing the built world, there is little currently available to beat the quality of 3D scanning.

Highly accurate and immersive, our surveyors can create super-smart digital twins quickly and efficiently to help facilities managers to understand and manage their assets more easily, and to help marketing teams show product and locations to audiences – wherever they are.

Content can be integrated with existing software – from SketchUp, to Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk BIM 360 and so on. Output from Matterport-enabled scans can make collaboration easier and can help reduce site visits by allowing teams to see progress or other data as though they were there.

Annotating and then sharing direct in the model can speed buy-in or sign-off – whatever your objective.

Get in touch with our sales team today to find out more about Matterport-enabled scanning, or find out more about other imaging techniques such as 360 panoramas, or timelapse.

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A Matterport scanner head straight on