Time lapse masts

Most time-lapse companies require adjacent buildings to fix cameras to. This poses problems. Firstly, if you’re trying to film a rural site, you may not have adjacent buildings – a common situation for big shed developers on large sites.

Secondly, adjacent buildings are often no taller than the new building you’re trying to film – this means you’re unlikely to get a great aerial perspective, or be able to see much of the whole site.

Sky's Time lapse masts being set up in field
Setting up time lapse masts in a rural location
close up of time lapse mast being erected
Lifting focus – capturing time lapse films from height, using time lapse masts

Go to extremes

You will also need to seek permission to mount cameras to other people’s property which can be complex and time consuming, and can hold insurance implications.

Lifting the focus to extreme heights and maintaining the cameras in a fixed position makes the difference between an average construction time lapse film, and an outstanding one.

Trailer system

Our masts are sometimes referred to as ‘trailer masts’. This simply means they work with single or twin axle trailers calculated to bear the weight of the mast in transit and in situ. The trailers provide additional stability and remain on site for the entire period of the film giving you super-stable, high-quality time lapse film footage..

Trailer masts from Sky Revolutions
Aerial image of a time lapse masts being set up in a field
Strong structure of time lapse masts

Strong and stable

We developed our super-strong masts with professionals in mast development. Their lattice structure provides extra strength which together with our unique mast rope systems means the masts don’t move, even in high winds.

Our masts have been designed to keep deployment costs to an absolute minimum. They are towed by our trucks and are rigged at ground level, meaning they can be on site and operational without the need for a cherry picker, or expensive haulage.

Create more impact

When you work with Sky Revolutions for your time-lapse films, you can be confident you’re creating more impact by showing more of your site – from a great height.

Find out more about time-lapse films here, or get in touch with our sales team for a no obligation quote.

time lapse mast set up over city
Time lapse masts – allowing you to capture films and images which make an impact

Time lapse from Sky Revolutions

Mast mounted cameras – more height, more impact

Inspire stakeholders with high-level, mast-mounted time lapse cameras from Sky Revolutions – the only UK company to offer mast-mounted cameras up to 30m high.

  • State-of-the-art, professional 6K resolution time lapse cameras
  • Solar powered and tough enough for harsh external environments
  • Stable trailer-mast system, even in high winds
  • No adjacent buildings needed
  • Optional drone footage for added visual detail and dynamism
Time lapse masts – allowing you to capture films and images which make an impact

See more of your site for less expense with Sky Revolutions