Time lapse films

Our unique, free-standing masts give you a comprehensive view of your construction site. Whether it’s a commercial or a residential time lapse film, our masts make it possible to capture aerial images even in locations where drones can’t fly – and because they’re freestanding, we don’t need adjacent buildings or structures to mount the camera to – perfect for rural sites.

Immortalise and value your build for years to come. Our advanced camera and software technologies shoot images at regular intervals, capturing your build, day and night.

Show the world what you’re doing in satisfying and speedy detail by time-compressing days, weeks, or months of build development footage. Get in touch today to find out more.

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No nonsense

Unlike some of our competitors, we take a completely transparent, no nonsense approach to pricing. Our time lapse film quotes are all-inclusive. We don’t have hidden extras – we’re open and upfront, so you know the final price from the get-go. Call us to see just how cost-effective time lapse can be for your site.

Our construction expertise and surveying heritage mean we’re trusted to understand the ins and outs of the construction site and can advise on camera position, perspectives, and image frequency. Our work is fully insured, and our team all have CSCS cards together with specific rooftop access training, meaning we work safely and compliantly on roof-mounted installs.

More with less

Our cameras shoot panoramas at 220° – that might not mean much to you, but to those in the know, that’s a broader range than most cameras on the market, double the scope of standard cameras, and a great solution for producing construction site time lapse films on very large sites.

This scope coupled with the height of our masts mean you get a superior view to share with stakeholders – and save money to boot – seeing more of your site with fewer cameras.

Want to showcase your build with impressive time lapse footage? Take a look at our services for the logistics and industrial sectors here.

Technical know-how

We use state-of-the-art, professional spec 6K resolution time lapse cameras capable of operating at extreme temperatures. They are built for the job, completely water and weatherproof with integrated solar power. Due to our unique mast guy system, our mast-mounted cameras are highly stable – even in very high winds – good to know for exposed construction sites.

Our systems let you select the frequency of image capture – we offer anything from one minute to one-week intervals. Talk to us about your project – we’ll frequently advise the best solution for you and show you examples of the type of output you can expect.

Time lapse cameras capturing industry around the clock
Our time lapse cameras capturing industry around the clock
time lapse films for marketing

Marketing magic

Time lapse films make for amazing marketing content; great for social media strategies that play to short attentions, and high enough quality to use as primary broadcast content for inaugurations. We can deliver finished image files in a range of formats depending on your needs, but if you’d like us to produce a polished marketing film complete with your brand identity, music and overlaid graphics, just let us know.

Motivate and energise

Time lapse films have a great role to play in motivating internal teams, suppliers, and project partners. Tell a story with your time lapse films that others will value and share as a great visual record of their involvement. For events and short-term projects, time lapse films are a powerful method of capturing the energy, pace, and dynamism of an event. Call our sales team today to find out more.

Your access, your way

You can access time lapse film cameras on your site whenever you need to. We use a unique portal system that allows you 24/7 access – we can also embed a link to the cameras on your own websites to allow you and your stakeholders an any-time access window to your project.

Date specific time lapse films can be created from the same photo set for longer build projects too – simply give us a specific time frame and we’ll make it happen for you using the best images from that time frame.

Safe, compliant, secure

All images captured in our time lapse films are sent to a secure and powerful cloud with unlimited storage, encrypted and regularly backed up to prevent loss.

Our time lapse film systems are fully compliant with Data Protection law in the country in which we’re operating. In the UK, that’s currently the GDPR and the Data Protection Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras. We ensure we stay up to date with any changes in legislation – this is particularly important in the UK as we exit the EU and may transition from one code to another.

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