Roof Surveys

Our roof surveys capture high quality data and footage that give you a view from above without the cost of hiring a plane or helicopter.

Commercial and office buildings, high-rise buildings in built-up areas, industrial units, asbestos roofs, apex roofs with limited inspection space, or complex residential or historic buildings all benefit from the hands-off but highly detailed output from drone roof surveys.

Call us to inspect your roof safely for Planned Preventative Maintenance, or for reactive maintenance assessments following storm damage, falling tiles or breakages. Unlike other drone operators, we provide comprehensive condition and remediation reports.

Roof survey carried out by drone
High definition image of a tiled roof
drone roof surveys - birds eye view

Added value

Our construction expertise and background mean we can often spot and interrogate issues that other drone survey companies may miss – giving you better value for money.

Our pilots are fully qualified, and CAA approved. Our drone fleet is market-leading and can be deployed at short notice. We are one of very few drone surveys companies with permission to undertake roof surveys at night and within built-up areas.

Multiple solutions

Our equipment not only looks down from above, but also up from below. We deploy high definition cameras and zoom lenses mounted on telescopic masts to conduct aerial surveys where drones may not be able to fly. This is especially useful in inspecting the underside of bridges for example. Take a look at our roof survey case studies.

High definition cameras mounted on telescopic masts - inspecting the underside of a bridge
Thermal imaging data to help roof surveys

Double the data

When combined with other processes such as thermal imaging or aerial filming, a roof survey can represent exceptional value. As the drone or mast is being deployed, why not take advantage?

On fragile roofs, or roofs that simply can’t be easily accessed, enabling a detailed 360° view, or a heat map of the top of your building could pay dividends and enable you to develop a more comprehensive picture of remediation needs.

Drone roof surveys from Sky Revolutions provide:

  • Detailed images or aerial footage of a roof or structure for Condition Survey Reports
  • A baseline for a preventative maintenance programme
  • Millimetre-accurate detail that is hard to replicate by human eye
  • Construction and remediation advice if required

Roof surveys for condition survey reports
Roof inspections showing detailed remediation reporting

Informed reporting

It’s a point of difference for us at Sky Revolutions that we know what we’re looking at when it comes to construction. So although there are many drone companies, they might not know how to spot remediation issues on a roof.

Directing our drones to the point of interest quickly and safely is critical. We combine these skills with advanced inspection software reporting platforms that let us interrogate defects quickly, and help our customers prioritise and plan remediation more effectively. Read more about reporting in our blog post.

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