Quotation terms

Please ensure you read these terms and conditions carefully before signing your quotation.

The term “You” refers to the organisation listed on the account you have created with us and/or the client listed on your quotation. By signing your quotation you confirm that you have the authority to agree to these supplier terms and you confirm that you are authorised to act on behalf of that party.

  1. Copyright (material captured by us). The Copyright of all material that has been captured by Sky Revolutions is solely owned by Sky Revolutions and protected under English and Welsh Law. Displaying our material without written agreement will be deemed as a breach of copyright. Upon receipt of payment in full we generally transfer the Copyright ownership to you. We reserve the right to use the material for promotional purposes unless you clearly specify otherwise.
  2. Copyright (material provided by you). If you provide material (video, data, audio, photographs, logos etc) for inclusion in our product, copyright must firstly be obtained from the original provider. We assume if you provide us with such material that you have obtained such permission and that we are legally allowed to use it. The material is provided to us without charge (unless specifically agreed) and you indemnify us from any future possible claims or disputes.
  3. Release Authority. Where appropriate, you are to ensure that any individuals’ images that is captured have given their express permission for their image to be used in the project. We will not accept liability or cost for any reproduction resulting from an individual refusing permission for their image to be used.
  4. Payment terms. All invoices must be settled with 30 days from receipt. We reserve the right to add an accumulative percentage on late payments as dictated under the UK Government late payments scheme. For new clients, we may request a 50% deposit prior to any work being carried out under the terms of this contract.
  5. Communication. If you do not communicate with us for a period of 14 days without explanation after full delivery of the product bought then the project shall be deemed satisfactory and complete.
  6. Health & Safety. We are responsible for the safe operation of our staff and subcontractors at all times and will produce comprehensive RAMS for each project. In all instances we reserve the right to remove any of our personnel and/ or equipment from site if we deem it to be unsafe or we subjected to abusive or aggressive behaviour. Where appropriate we will observe your site safety rules at at all times and will liaise with your health and safety representative.
  7. Insurance. We carry public liability, professional indemnity and employers liability insurance. Certificates available upon request. Upgraded, project specific, insurance can be provided upon request.
  8. Unsuitable weather. In the event of unsuitable weather we reserve the right to change the date of the project, which will in most cases delay the delivery date.
  9. Project extensions. Any delays due to a lack of organisation or information provided on your part resulting in additional time on site or further site visits will incur additional charges.
  10. Cancelation. If the project is cancelled after receipt of a written order or signed confirmation (including email confirmation) then any costs incurred to date will be passed on to you for payment if full.
  11. Access. If sites are being organised by you, it is your responsibility to ensure that we have clear access and permission to operate at all relevant locations required. Delays may incur additional charges.
  12. Project duration. Any indication given by us of a project duration is to be considered by you to be an estimation of the time we anticipate it will take to complete. We will do everything within our control to meet specific deadlines, providing there is clear communication. However, we cannot be held responsible for any project over-running due to circumstances beyond our control.
  13. Security: It is assumed that we will be provided with a safe and secure site protected sufficiently.
  14. All Terms and Conditions stated here are deemed acceptable to you upon receipt of a written order or signed confirmation (including email confirmation).