Drone Filming

Nothing beats an aerial view when it comes to films. Whether you want impact, ultra-high-definition detail, creativity, or simply information for surveying, Sky Revolutions can help – day and night.

Give an indication of scale and dynamism, cover large areas quickly or showcase crowds of people with professional drone filming. All footage can be viewed on the ground in real time using a video downlink, giving you full creative control over angles and framing during filming

Why Sky Revolutions?

We operate a fleet of drones – including a long-range eBee – to cover all your drone filming needs, from dramatic productions to reconnaissance or corporate marketing.

Sky Revolutions has permission to fly at night – and we can fly indoors too. All our pilots have extensive experience in drone filming with a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permit for aerial work.

It doesn’t have to be super creative either. Our surveying expertise means we’re well placed to offer aerial films to enhance property listings, gain aerial views of pylons or cables, scout infrastructure routes, or conduct damage assessments.

Don’t miss a thing

Some events just can’t be repeated – so when you only have one shot, make sure you work with experienced professionals.

Sky Revolutions are masters of capturing the whole experience – first time, every time. That’s why we’re chosen by leading companies to help them captivate their audiences with compelling, technically excellent film content.

Take a look at some of our footage of Eggborough Power Station’s demolition (sound on!) to see how we get visual story-telling right. Click here to view more of this incredible event.

Motion graphics

We produce aerial films with motion graphics for added impact and energy. Our aerial films can feature animated, three-dimensional visualisations – great for build projects to give an impression of site development.

We understand the range of skills required to shoot video that can effectively be analysed for 3D tracking. This allows us to offer a comprehensive post-production package giving our customers the opportunity to add a bespoke illustrative story to their aerial films.

Broad expertise

Sky Revolutions offers drone filming services to a wide range of sectors, from mainstream TV channels such as Channel 4, to public sector groups and local authorities and for private commercial organisations looking for aerial films for marketing. Whatever your need, get in touch today and chat to our experts.

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