What are the benefits of drone filming for marketing?

Video is the best performing type of content on social media. So, to engage your audience further, have you considered using drones? Drone filming provides spectacular aerial shots that do justice to your work and show off your greatest achievements – in glorious 4K high definition. We’re here to take a dive into the top benefits of drone filming for marketing, read on to learn more…

Stand out from your competition

If a picture tells a thousand words, think of how much an aerial drone video can tell your audience. Drone filming creates stunning marketing content and increases interaction whether you’re using it on your website or social media pages or both. This content will help viewers to visualise the power and achievements of your business, not to mention impress your stakeholders. Using professional aerial videos across your website and social pages keeps your brand looking fresh, modern, and trustworthy – standing out from your competition and increasing sales.

Tell your story

As crucial as the wow factor is, a personal touch adds meaning to your marketing videos. The aerial footage captured through drone filming is a wonderful way to tell the story of your business and show how it has grown from the ground up. Storytelling is vital in marketing to humanise your brand so that your customers, stakeholders, and the community around your company feel a connection with your brand, and therefore trust it.

This validation is key to the success of your business, and drone videography creates highly immersive content that shows off the scale of your work. It’s a fantastic way of taking your customers on a journey through your heritage and presenting them with your wealth of experience and capabilities as a business.

Perfect for the big picture

Aerial drone filming is made for capturing footage of construction sites, warehouses, and large structures. However, drones have also shown to be fantastic for shooting behind-the-scenes videos of setting up large projects and events. Some of the best occasions for drone filming are construction events such as demolitions, quarry blasting, bridge segment laying and other large scale projects that you only get one shot to get right.

Drones have the ability to shoot at angles that a photographer with a regular camera cannot, and therefore open up many more possibilities. For example, not only can drone photography be taken from high in the sky and show off large-scale projects, but they are also small enough that they can get in close to areas that a photographer would be unable to access, such as inside a pipe or air vent. Drones can even reach areas that would be unsafe for a person to go to, making them the ideal tool for capturing aerial videos and unsurprisingly are perfect for completing aerial surveys.


Producing aerial videos no longer requires the complicated and expensive process of hiring a helicopter and pilot. Since drones have come into the mainstream, creating stunning aerial videos for marketing is much simpler to arrange, less time-consuming and more cost-effective than traditional methods. This is because drone filming only requires one drone pilot/camera operator, and as you’re not flying a large aircraft around, you won’t be causing any disruption to the area (i.e. construction site) you are filming.

Hire the professionals

If you want to tell the story of your project from a unique and exciting viewpoint, then hire professionals in drone filming to undertake the job for you. You can discuss exactly what kind of aerial footage you’re looking for, and the drone pilot will use their expertise to best achieve and even improve on your vision, to give you a really captivating piece of film.

Get in touch

Do you require drone filming for marketing? Sky Revolutions has over 25 years’ experience in the construction sector and has countless examples of professional aerial video footage in 4K high definition. You can trust us to frame your project in a way that really shows off your company’s hard work. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you with drone filming.