No take 2

Aerial event footage captured by drone generates some of the most captivating content available, anywhere. But when you don’t have the opportunity to rehearse, or the chance for second takes, getting it right first time is critical.

In the construction sector, one-off events might take the form of demolitions (like the one shown on this page conducted by DSM Demolition), quarry blasting, concrete pours, bridge segment laying, or crane lifts. And in the maritime sector, ship building, ship or cofferdam launches, and offshore wind turbine tower installations are just a few of the events that can’t be rehearsed and have the power to captivate.

Perfect preparation

Filming from drones for one-off events is always best left to experienced professionals. What are the challenges?

  • Angles, drone volumes, multi-drone launch.
  • Safety, and asset destruction
  • Weather impact, VLOS Vs BVLOS
  • Communications and Data privacy
  • Proximity to airfields, train tracks and roads

Your content your way

The demand for this type of content is growing, as are the number of platforms where you can share your construction stories.

Aerial filming for one-off events has the power to captivate and generate an emotional reaction, letting you build strong connections with your target audiences.

We can hand over all the footage and stills to do with as you wish, or we can create shorter snappy films with overlaid graphics and music for added impact; content that is targeted to specific platforms to work as hard as it can for your business.

Demolition Films

We’re thrilled to have captured a series of action-packed demolition films for Thompsons of Prudhoe at Redcar’s former steelworks site. In case you missed it – this massive project also featured the ‘biggest demolition’ of its kind for 75 years.

This went on to achieve global recognition – winning the Best Contract of the Year over US$1 million at the World Demolition Awards! Check out the demolition award winning film here.

Broadcast quality

Our footage is ultra-high-definition, ready for mainstream television broadcast – learn more about our recent feature on Channel 4.

Did you catch Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip on Channel 4? Our demolition footage of Eggborough Power Station was used by production company North One for this primetime TV programme. Stream all episodes on All4 now.

Part of the action

This demolition video shows the impact of using an FPV (First Person View) drone.

Combining FPV footage with other drone videos makes for a more dynamic and engaging film and can add a sense of drama and action. FPV drone footage requires a professionally trained team to ensure the best quality footage is captured and the operation is carried out in a safe manner.

We also use drones to capture new builds – see our construction progress photography page.

We have over 25 years’ experience within the construction industry

Don’t miss a thing

Getting to the heart of the action might sound simple, but we’re experienced construction professionals as well as drone and aerial film experts and can make recommendations as to the most effective angles. Put simply, we know what we’re looking at and how to make the most of the action.

View the demolition film we created for P.P. O’Conor here – capturing the demolition of the first four cooling towers at Fiddlers Ferry Power Station.

Get it right

We’ve been creating visual stories for businesses in the construction sector for many years. Visual content is easier to absorb than the written word and is more memorable. It has the power to convey a construction story with greater impact than anything else.

Add additional immersive content such as 360 walk-throughs, time-lapse film or panoramic views for added impact. When there’s no rehearsal, make your event count and record it expertly – first time, every time. Get in touch with our team and tell us about your project.

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