Informed Reporting

It’s a point of difference for us at Sky Revolutions that we know what we’re looking at when it comes to construction. So although there are many drone companies, they might not know how to spot remediation issues on a roof, for example. 

Roof report

Making sure our customers benefit from that knowledge is important to us, so we’ve always delivered highly detailed visual inspection reports following aerial asset inspections. 

Recently, we’ve shifted things up a gear and moved to a new inspection software platform that lets us interrogate defects quickly, but importantly, helps our customers prioritise and plan remediation more effectively. 

This new building and asset inspection platform lets us systematise our image content efficiently too, meaning we spend more time highlighting the issues for our customers and less time organising the data – as the platform does much of that hard work for us.  

In short – it’s a more efficient system that benefits us; and visually, it’s a more efficient process for our customers – wins all round.  

But the point is, it doesn’t matter what reporting system you use to visualise data if you don’t understand the data in the first place. 

Before I started Sky Revolutions, I managed delivery of commercial building and residential housing projects, as well as managing construction sites. Pre-drones, I had much experience of undertaking site investigation and inspections the manual way, so I know what our customers need to see. 

I’ve instilled this knowledge in my team here at Sky Revolutions, recruiting and training team members and pilots to spot remediation issues from height.  

Accurate observation is key in our markets. We’re often tasked with working in tricky, hard to reach areas, and sometimes sites can pose logistical or safety challenges. Directing our drones to the point of interest quickly and safely is critical. 

As I write, we’re working on multiple and sometimes complex roof inspection projects for various clients. Our ability to plan the projects, then access built up areas safely, observe our surroundings astutely, capture accurate data and deliver detailed reports is measured closely by our customers. 

It’s the core of our aerial inspection offer; whether we’re looking at roofs, wind turbines, powerlines or telecom towers – customers have faith in our ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and present that data to them clearly. 

We’ll continue to innovate wherever and whenever we need to, in order to make sure we’re working in the most efficient way possible. That means always reviewing and making use of the latest systems and services where they improve our offer and outcomes for our customers. 

If you want to talk more about aerial inspections for your business give our team a shout in the office:  

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