360 Virtual Tour for Dataracks

360 Virtual Tour for Dataracks

Dataracks is a leading manufacturer of datacentre solutions. From aisle containment products to server racks and micro data centres, Dataracks names Microsoft, EE and Vodafone among their many happy customers. Click above to interact with the tour yourself and read more about this project below.

During the Covid lockdowns, Dataracks was unable to invite customers to their factory and so reached out to Sky Revolutions for a virtual solution. We produced a 360 internal factory virtual tour and a series of external 360 degree aerial images to allow Dataracks to continue to share their manufacturing space in 3D.

The internal tour was created using a Matterport scanner. The scanner creates a digital ‘twin’ model of the scanned environment. More than a simple panoramic scan, the Matterport-enabled scan allows viewers to connect with rooms in a truly interactive way.

A Matterport enabled tour is a highly immersive, photorealistic and interactive product where floor plan perspectives are created with ease. Collaboration is enabled through commenting and note sharing and pop-up notes, links and videos can be integrated for a deeper, more informative experience.

There is also a measurement mode that allows viewers to measure any distance within the space by selecting two points within the 3D model itself. Faces and personal data can be blurred with ease in case they are accidentally captured during the scan.

For property sales, Matterport is particularly useful, not just for distance viewing but to enable and encourage pre-sale activity and customer interaction. Other functionality can be added including the generation of animated GIFs, image and PDF files, fully guided tours and tour trimming.

To find out more about 360 Matterport enabled tours or aerial 360 images, please get in touch with our sales teams today.

Project Stats

Job Type360 Virtual Tour
BriefCreate a virtual factory tour