What is Construction Time-Lapse?

Are you looking for a powerful way of capturing the hard work that goes into your business’ construction work? Time-lapse videos are the most cost-effective way of captivating your audience and showing the energy and passion that goes into your construction work.

What is a construction time-lapse video?

A construction time-lapse video is a way of creating stunning film content that showcases what is usually a very slow process on the site, showing hours of work sped up into a satisfying few seconds.  These time-lapse videos are really catching on in the construction sector as they show your project stakeholders and potential customers your accomplishments in a highly engaging manner. An example of the type of company that might use construction time-lapse films is a commercial property developer who wants to show off their build projects to potential clients or tenants. Picture these videos planted across your website and used in sales promotions, this content really is marketing gold dust, and a fantastic method of motivating your team too!

How to create time-lapse photography

Whilst most time-lapse companies will require a building adjacent to your site to fix their cameras to, we install camera systems to the top of masts up to 100 feet high. This gives us the ability to shoot from angles that can’t be reached by other construction photographers. Rural sites commonly don’t have adjacent buildings to attach cameras to, and when they do, they’re unlikely to be any taller than the new building you’re constructing. So, by using our unique, free-standing masts you have the freedom to shoot high-quality video from a multitude of angles.

Once you’re set up, our advanced camera and software technologies will shoot images at regular intervals, capturing your build throughout the day and night. This video footage can take place over anything between one minute and one week time periods on your construction sites. By curating this library of amazing content, you can either use this to keep track of the construction’s progress through a live stream or use your stunning high-quality video assets in your marketing campaigns across your website, adverts or email campaigns – bound to impress your audience and continually build a picture of what your brand can do.

Why would you need a construction time-lapse video?

Set your business apart from your competitors by using breath-taking innovative content that will immortalise your build and attract new business for years to come. You will also have 24/7 online access to a live stream of the camera, which means you and your stakeholders can check up on the progress of your build at any given moment.

We can also provide you with an embed link to the live stream for your website, which is perfect for displaying your active projects. So, get ahead of the game and show the world what you’re building by compressing days, weeks or months of build development into a snappy high-quality video, all in stunning 6K resolution and packed full of speedy detail. Any footage taken will also be saved directly into a cloud to keep it safe and secure, fully complaint with data protection law.

What equipment do you need?

The two essential pieces of equipment you will need are our state-of-the-art professional cameras and our time-lapse masts, which the camera will be mounted to. Our cameras have a much broader range than most on the market with a panorama of 220° and have double the scope of standard cameras. Pair that scope with the height of our masts and you get an unmatched aerial view which can even reach locations that drones can’t fly to. This is ideal for capturing everything on a large rural construction site.

Our mast-mounted cameras shoot in glorious 6K resolution, have integrated solar power and are both weather-proof and waterproof. They can also handle extreme temperatures and will remain strong and secure in heavy winds so will get the job done whatever climate they are in.

Give us a call

Thanks to our heritage in construction and surveying, we are trusted to advise on camera angles, positioning and the set up that’s right for your project to ensure you get the best results. Our time-lapse quotes are all-inclusive, so we’ll find a simple and cost-effective solution whilst giving you the full honest price upfront with no hidden extras.

Motivate your team, suppliers and project partners and amaze new customers by using our expertise to help tell your success stories of your build with your very own time-lapse videos. Find our contact details here and get in touch.