Volumetric surveys

Volumetric surveys accurately calculate the volume of earthworks and stockpiles using ground or air surveying techniques. The latter – volumetric surveying by drone – is an alternative, fast system that allows for accurate surveying of stockpiles that may be considered unsafe to stand on.

Often, the best solution uses a combination of both technologies to provide a more comprehensive result. Drones can be used alongside GPS positioning, laser, and 3D modelling systems to deliver extremely accurate volumetric measurements.

Illustration of data captured using volumetric surveys
Data capture from volumetric surveys
Construction site image - where volumetric surveys provide data for productivity
Volumetric surveys can help organisations plan production effort and transport capacity

Business benefits

Determining the volume of material removed or for fill, in large dig-out sites such as mines, quarries and excavation pits can assist is calculating financial values. It can also be used as a method of progress monitoring – evaluating the volume of material removed over a period of time.

At Sky Revolutions we provide a professional and independent method of pairing production effort and transport capacity, particularly for mine operators who may be moving large volumes of material on a regular basis. 

Stay safe

Our surveys can help identify safety issues too, particularly in high-risk areas like mines and quarries, meaning management teams can make effective decisions and judgements without unnecessary delay.

Volumetric survey results in an image - providing safety data
Construction site birds eye few
Volumetric surveys can provide essential information for contractors, civil engineering firms, mining, energy, gas and construction sectors.

Multiple sectors

For contractors, civil engineering firms, mining, aggregates, energy, gas, and construction organisations, volumetric surveys (particularly by drone or UAV) represent a highly efficient method of measuring stockpiles.

For organisations involved in environmental research or landscape architecture, our surveys can be a helpful way of identifying the scope and impact of landscape change. To find out more about volumetric surveying with Sky Revolutions, please get in touch.