Time Lapse Photography: What it is and how to get started

Over the last few years, time lapse photography has been used more frequently and across many industries. There’s a reason time lapse videos are catching attention; they are perfect for creating simple yet powerful marketing content – these videos communicate the achievements of your business in a way that surpasses words. Let us dive into exactly what time lapse photography is and why your business will benefit from it…

Great Yarmouth – Third River Crossing Time Lapse for BAM Farrans

Time lapse of the construction of the third river crossing (approach and bridge) in Great Yarmouth for BAM Farrans

Time lapse of the construction of the third river crossing (approach and bridge) in Great Yarmouth for BAM Farrans

What is time lapse photography?

Time lapse photography is when a camera captures video footage over an extended period of time before the footage is sped up. This allows the viewer to watch hours or days of video in seconds. These are generally used to turn something that doesn’t look like much in real-time into an exhilarating piece of video content.

This is why they’re popular within the construction industry – showcasing days of hard work squeezed down to a few seconds helps to show the scale of your project and gives potential customers an idea of what your business is capable of.

How to shoot it

A vantage point will be needed in order to fit your project into the frame of the video. Most aerial imaging companies will require an adjacent building to latch their cameras to, however, at Sky Revolutions, we attach our camera systems to the top of our own time lapse masts, which can reach heights up to 100ft (30m) high.

The main benefit of our masts is that they provide more freedom and control over the angles we can shoot from – including angles that other construction photographers are unable to achieve. This comes in handy on rural sites, as they don’t tend to have adjacent buildings to attach cameras to (taller than the site you’re working on). Our free-standing time lapse masts are the required solution for capturing high-quality time lapse video at a range of angles.

What content to shoot

The perfect opportunity for time lapse is anything that is usually time-consuming! When watching this sped up, the audience will how teamwork leads to an ambitious end result. Within the construction industry, time lapse photography is often used to film a new build or even an event set-up.

There’s more – with time lapse cameras set up, you can also keep track of the build progress by viewing a live stream straight from the construction site, allowing your stakeholders to see the build progress come along in real-time.

Why your business needs time lapse videos

Time lapse photography is essential for your business’ library of marketing resources. Creating this stunning content opens up a world of opportunities – using it to enhance the look across your website, social media pages and ads will keep your viewers engaged and ultimately help attract new business.

Celebrate your achievements and boost team morale by watching your projects come together in glorious high-definition time lapse content. Upload to your business’ website to view at any time – impressing viewers and keeping your stakeholders happy.

What are the best camera settings and what equipment will I need?

Sky Revolutions use only the best quality equipment for time lapse photography. The two most essential pieces of equipment that we will use are our professional cameras and time lapse masts to attach them to. Our cameras can capture a panorama of 220° (a broader range than most cameras and double the scope of a standard camera) – combine that with our 100ft tall masts and the angles we are capable of filming are unparalleled… perfect for rural construction sites!

Once set up, images are taken by our advanced camera and software technologies at regular intervals throughout day and night – the footage captured can take place over anything between one minute and one-week periods. Then with the filming complete, we will present you with your very own high-definition time lapse film to use across your website and advertising.

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