Tritax Symmetry on working with Sky Revolutions

Tritax Symmetry on working with Sky Revolutions

Aerial photography, filming, interior timelapse and drone hyperlapse for leading industrial logistics developer.

Over the last year, Sky Revolutions has provided a variety of high-quality aerial imaging and interior time lapse films for Tritax Symmetry to help boost their marketing content. We sat down with Alastair Patrick, Marketing Director at Tritax Symmetry, to discuss the big box giant’s continued success in the logistics sector and their ongoing work with Sky Revolutions.

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Tell us a little about Tritax Symmetry

“We have been going since the late nineties through various iterations of the business. Our real difference is that we offer an end-to-end development process. We find the strategic land that’s appropriate for buildings like these and we take that all the way through the planning process to development of the final building.”

“Our sweet spot is anywhere from 100,000 sq ft all the way up to 1,000,000 sq ft industrial and logistics space across most of the UK, but predominantly the midlands and north west.”

“The decision process from the need of a building to getting in the building is extremely long – it’s an 18-24-month-long process. When the decision is being made to find the building that you’re after, there’s generally a maximum of nine months but often only about three months before actually finding and getting inside the building”.

“From a consumer background, you realise that the ways of working and delivering good marketing is the same for consumers as it is for business. There is still a funnel there, there is still a consumer journey albeit it’s just a different category and a different product that you’re selling.

“There’s still emotive elements in that decision journey where you can steer the people that you’re trying to influence to choose you. It’s exactly as appropriate as it when buying anything else, be it a car or a watch, it’s the same fundamental process.”

Tell us a bit more about marketing to the logistics sector

“It was only about 20 years ago that people didn’t consider warehouses as much of a gross sector. COVID-19 surely proved that when we had this enormous demand for rather large buildings. That trend is not really going away, we are all buying stuff at home and expecting it to be on our doorsteps within 24 hours.”

“Buildings like these and the logistics firms inside them enabled that. I dare say industrial and logistics buildings have come through a bit of a revolution in the past few years and consequentially the marketing needs to catch up in that sense as well.”

“Site marketing is for the agents and clients who are in the market shopping around for buildings, defining their criteria – what size, where they need to be, what power they need etc. It’s making sure we’re top of the mind to those who are in the market.”

“The content we produce such as the drone imaging and site progress updates are to build anticipation all the way through to the completion of the building. It’s making sure the buildings that are in build at the moment are on all available channels where the clients are searching so we are actively being considered.”

Why did you choose Sky Revolutions?

“About this time last year, we had that idea of building anticipation through to build – typically it was through asking the development team to take a shot whenever they were on site but it was sporadic and ad-hoc.”

“From the plateau in the ground to putting up the steel frame and the concrete going up – there are about five or six key moments that you want to capture throughout the build.”

“Drone footage is far more exciting than static imagery. Moving a camera around a space gives you so much creative variety of what you can do to bring that seemingly relatively boring thing to life.”

“Sky Revolutions out of the three or four different contractors that we looked at were easily the most flexible and responsive. They also took a creative challenge on to do something different, and that’s when the team jumped to life and came up with some really interesting ways of doing it.”

What difference has working with Sky Revolutions made to your business?

“You get lots of data now through social media and website tracking, and it’s relatively easy to quantify good creative content verses stuff that doesn’t engage so much.”

“We see impressions, engagement rates, re-shares etc. and from some of the earlier stuff to work we’re delivering now, we see an upkick in those key metrics – I’d estimate 20-25% more impressions on average than where we were a year ago.”

“The correlation is that as you grow good content, you get good interest from that, we’ll get more followers and therefore reach more people and deliver more impressions.”

Looking for modern industrial and logistics buildings for business use? View Tritax Symmetry’s developments here.

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