Sky Revolutions produce film for World Demolition Award winner

Sky Revolutions are proud to have produced the film for the World Demolition Award winner, Thompsons of Prudhoe

Sky Revolutions, based in Cambridgeshire, filmed the demolition of the former steelworks in Redcar, on behalf of the demolition contractors Thompsons of Prudhoe. That demolition has just been announced as winners of the World Demolition Awards in Toronto.

The Redcar blowdown is thought to have been the biggest of its kind for 75 years, using a whopping 1.6 tonnes of explosives and was reported to have been heard 8 miles away!

Aerial filming for one-off events has the power to captivate and generate an emotional reaction.  

Demolition contractors are fully aware of the power of this type of content, but they need experts in aerial filming that they can trust to capture the event and produce a film that’s worthy of being crowned the World Demolition Award Winner!

Rehearsals are impossible – you only get one chance to get the filming right. Planning and setting up the filming was a mammoth task for five of Sky Revolution’s specialist drone pilots.

There is much to think about when filming this type of event, and additional challenges present themselves when working close to demolition sites. Sky Revolutions had to consider:

  • Which angles to cover and when
  • How many drones to use
  • How many ground cameras to use and their positions
  • Technical knowledge of multi-drone launches
  • Safety challenges of getting close to the action
  • Impacts on nearby structures or communities
  • Data privacy
  • Impact of light and weather
  • VLOS implications
  • Whole team communications
  • Proximity to airfields, train tracks and roads
  • Permissions from local services

Sky Revolutions was chosen by Thompsons of Prudhoe as a safe pair of hands to ensure reliable, creative, high-quality, multi-angle, multi-camera footage was delivered following each blowdown.

Getting to the heart of the action might sound simple, but Sky Revolutions are experienced construction professionals as well as drone and aerial film experts and can make recommendations as to the most effective angles. Put simply, we are known for our construction backgrounds and understand how to make the most of the action.

Sky Revolution’s Managing Director, Ben Gorham, says: “I am so proud of the Sky Revolutions team. We have vast experience of filming demolitions and each one comes with its own significant challenges. But each time the team step up and create something truly breathtaking.

“My team have a wealth of construction expertise that I know we will continue to lead the way with demolition filming, as well as other construction event filming.”

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