Sky Revolutions films ‘biggest demolition’ of its kind for 75 years

Sky Revolutions films ‘biggest demolition’ of its kind for 75 years

Sky Revolutions filmed the demolition of the former steelworks in Redcar this weekend. Working on behalf of the demolition contractors Thompsons of Prudhoe, the blowdown is thought to be the biggest for 75 years – using a massive 1.6 tonnes of explosives.

The Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) Plant in Redcar refined molten iron from the blast furnace, until the works closed in 2015. The explosion was reported to be heard eight miles away as the 65 metre plant fell on Saturday morning.

A crew of five professional pilots captured the dramatic footage which included images from drones and from sacrificial ground-based cameras that transmit footage live.

As rehearsals are impossible, we – like the demolition contractors – only have one chance to get the filming right, so our own planning and preparation is done well in advance and with considerable care.

Mitigating for every eventuality is a high stress process and the pressure on the demolition contractor is immense – not just to ensure a technically excellent demolition, but to prevent impact on local communities too.

Tees Valley mayor, Ben Houchen pressed the detonation button calling the demolition a “bittersweet” moment, recognising the role the plant played in shaping the local community. It makes way for the new offshore wind manufacturing plant and plans for Net Zero Teesside.

Aerial filming for one-off events has the power to captivate and generate an emotional reaction, letting companies build strong connections with their target audiences. Demolition contractors are fully aware of the power of this type of content and are beginning to make the most of it in 2022.

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