Friends’ School Saffron Walden Conversion Roof Survey

Friends’ School Saffron Walden Conversion Roof Survey

Sky Revolutions recently undertook a roof survey for property developer Chase New Homes Limited at the site of a former school.

Friends’ School Saffron Walden was an independent school located in Saffron Walden, Essex. The school closed at the end of the 2017 summer term and its buildings are currently being converted into a modern housing development.

Our client approached us requesting a full roof plan, 3D pointcloud, and orthomosaic photo of the school roof. These were required to aid redevelopment designs and remediation works following the application for conversion to multiple residential apartments.

The initial stages of this project involved checking the survey control network pre-established by a 3rd party. Once our checks were completed using our total station and RTK GNSS receivers, we set out Ground Control Points (GCPs) around the building using the existing network. This meant any data captured would tie directly into the existing survey drawings already being used by the design team.

After confirming clearance with a nearby airstrip, the buildings closer to the roadside were surveyed using the DJI Mini2. This was the ideal drone for the job, as the <250g take off mass allowed greater freedom to capture the data required by our client.

Our DJI Phantom4 RTK was chosen to survey the remaining buildings on site. Our surveyors opted for a double overlap mission due to the complexities of the roof structure, and the 3D point cloud deliverable required by our client.

The orthomosaic supplemented the roof plan to allow our client to give an up-to-date picture and visual aid of the current roof condition.

An orthomosaic is a highly detailed visual file that’s created when a collection of images are orthorectified and overlaid onto a Digital Surface Model using Photogrammetric Software. They provide an accurate, up-to-date and detailed view of your site, and can help identify landscape changes, structural faults and potential dangers in proposed construction, maintenance, or agricultural work.

Additionally, this information is very handy to have on file, so it can be passed onto any future contractors who may require it (e.g. access for scaffold routing).

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A screenshot of an orthomosaic image

This is not an accurate representation of an orthomosaic – get in touch to discuss further.