Diggers Live! Interview with Sky Revolutions

Diggers Live! Interview with Sky Revolutions

Hot off the heels of the hugely successful Fiddlers Ferry demolition film, our Managing Director, Ben Gorham, sat down with Diggers Live! to discuss all things Sky Revolutions. Get to know the history, proudest moments, and future ambitions of Sky Revolutions in the full interview here.

It’s not all business – if you’ve ever wondered what Ben’s ideal weekend is or what his favourite films are (you might be surprised by that one!), then this is well worth a read! View a few snippets below…

Q: Tell us about the company, its history and development

We have three departments within the company: Land/ Building Surveying, Time Lapse Photography and the Drone department which is kind of split into two sub divisions – Surveying/ Inspection and also filming. I think at times the Drone department overshadows the others, probably because we did initially start a drone company (hence the name) and partly because drones are exciting and sexy but the three departments equally contribute to our turnover and without any of them it would have been difficult to sustain the level of growth we have over the past decade.

Q: Explain what Sky Revolutions does, in particular for our readers in Diggers LIVE, but with reference to its broader offering if you wish

Sky Revolutions is a company that provides surveying services along with filming and photography services generally within the construction/demolition sector but we also work within other industries such as film production. Construction is my background and what I understand, so we naturally gravitated towards that industry. When I started the company I had a lot of contacts in the industry – we still work with some of them today.

Q: How do you keep the company’s (flying?) skills sharp and the business offering up to date?

I don’t personally fly drones for fun any more but I know some of the guys fly FPV (First Person View) as a hobby. This is the super fast filming you often see when extreme sports are filmed. The young pilots we have are outstanding – we’ve started to use some FPV on a certain jobs like the blowdowns but it’s tricky at times as it requires additional spotters and further safety mitigation so it eats into resources; that said it does look cool.

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