BAM Nuttall Farrans Construction JV – Great Yarmouth Bridge Project

BAM Nuttall Farrans Construction JV – Great Yarmouth Bridge Project

Aerial photography, filming, and time lapse for Norfolk County Council on behalf of BAM UK & Ireland and Farrans Construction joint venture.
Bridges are an obvious critical part of the UK’s infrastructure, shortening journey times, improving connections, and helping to attract investment – all of which helps boost our local economies.

For Norfolk County Council, a third river crossing would deliver on all of these – boosting the development of a new enterprise zone and supporting the regeneration of local port and industrial areas.

Although the UK has some 72,000 bridges, new bridge construction is rare – especially at scale – and so new projects create an unsurprising amount of interest. This particular bridge project was first considered back in 2003, adopted in 2009 and will be completed in 2023.

The bridge itself is large – a dual carriageway twin-leaf bascule lifting bridge – and will open on demand for all commercial vessels on the River Yare below. The project is managed by a Joint Venture between BAM Nuttall and Farrans Construction.

The engineering processes required to construct a bridge of this type are significant and require careful and skilful management. Aside from the bridge construction itself, engineers must manage the initial site clearance, construction of an underpass and new roundabout, as well as traffic management systems, drainage and so on.

Keeping track of the entire project is enhanced by advanced site monitoring which includes use of our camera systems and secure portal. For this project, we placed two cameras either side of the bridge and conducted monthly drone flights to gather supplementary footage.

BAM Nuttall and Farrans Construction JV also managed stakeholder communications for the project including media liaison, community notifications, social media and so on. Having access to high quality imagery and film helps this process considerably; not only in terms of the provision of consistent information, but as a way for the construction teams to celebrate a successful project completion.

Images from the cameras and drone flights can be used to produce timelapse films and other marketing content – all of which help support the aims and objectives of the project with associated target groups.

The Secretary of State for Transport called the bridge construction a “Nationally significant project”, and its construction has been widely covered in the media with much of the content generated by our camera systems and drones shared with a wide audience.

The Joint Venture team is able to access the images taken by our cameras instantly via a secure password protected portal. Here they can monitor construction progress via our cameras, and view, download and share films.

The third river crossing – now named Herring Bridge – is expected to open in summer 2023. Watch our footage highlight the installation of the giant leaves on this page, or take a look at a previous Farrans Construction project for the Birkenhead Dock Extension.

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