Action-Packed Drone Film For The Playground

Action-Packed Drone Film for The Playground

Sky Revolutions was asked to film the new Waterbeach Barracks Assault Course near Cambridge for The Playground – the UK’s leading assault course company.

The Playground has been creating assault courses since 2016 and have since welcomed more than 70,000 participants to its courses around the country.

The 1km course at Waterbeach replaces the old iconic military facilities left by the Royal Engineers. Now open to all, the 30 obstacle course is more accessible to old and young without any of the time pressure of the army equivalent!

We sent our top pilots to film participants in action on the course in order to help those visualise the challenge before having a go themselves.

Take a look at the finished film produced using an FPV drone for that crucial person-centred view!

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