Aerial photograph taken by drone overlooking a dock construction project.

Create more impact at night!

Sky Revolutions was one of the first commercial drone operators to receive permission from the CAA to fly at drones night. But why would you want to send a drone up at night?

The answer is to create aerial images with more impact! Night flying allows us to capture the drama of a night-lit scene – the dynamism of a construction site working through the night, an office building full of winter workers, or for marketing to promote a nighttime product or service.

Artificial lighting provides an opportunity for creative imaging – whether your office or build is in a city or in the countryside; switch the lights on inside or around a building and you create a whole new set of perspectives.

Nighttime knowledge

Whether you fly drones during the day or at night, VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) rules apply. However, experience counts when it comes to night flying – distances can be perceived differently in the dark so it pays to have a safe pair of hands managing your nighttime image-capture project.

All information relating to night flying must be incorporated into every operator’s Ops Manual, but safety and risk management are critical factors when it comes to developing nighttime flight plans.

In addition to drone and piloting expertise, having knowledge of photography and nighttime image capture pays dividends. There simply isn’t as much light at night – this means careful camera set up and attention to exposure and light metering.

A nighttime aerial photograph of a large distribution centre lit up.
Night time aerial image of cars boarding ferry

Spectacular marketing

Autumn and winter months can maximise nighttime marketing opportunities. Halloween and Christmas give us the chance to add new slants to business storytelling – but any lights contrasting with dark skies add drama and depth to marketing content.

Creating stand-out content in crowded platforms can be a challenge for marketers – but impactful images and film make for more engaging content with the power to convey a story far better than run-of-the-mill image content.

Get in touch with our sales teams this month and let us show you how nighttime aerial imaging can be the most cost-effective content generation exercise you’ve ever done.