Getting More from Laser Scanning

Trimble X7 Laser Scanner

The survey team at Sky Revolutions has been familiar with 3D laser scanning technology for some time, but recently added a new Trimble X7 laser scanner to its toolbox.

Making sure we use the latest tools and technologies is vital in providing accurate, detailed data in short time frames. The new X7 helps us achieve this with:

  • X-Drive deflection system enabling automatic calibration for accuracy without downtime
  • Automated survey grade self-leveling
  • High sensitivity time-of-flight EDM to effectively capture dark and reflective surfaces

The applications for laser scanning are endless, from detailed surveys, visualisations of complex 3D structures and steel work, to deformation monitoring and the production of models for BIM. If you have a survey requirement and need our experienced team to take look, get in touch today.