Liaising with Airport Operations

Liaising with Airport Operations

There has been a recent series of media articles focussing on the irresponsible use of drones around airports and the valid safety concerns that this brings. But commercial operators, qualified and approved by the UK CAA are routinely operating safely close to, and in some cases, within the operational footprint of airports.

Sky Revolutions recently completed an aerial photography project for Billington Structures, who are constructing a steel frame located immediately adjacent to Birmingham Airport.

The task itself was not complicated although the location of the site did create considerable planning and operational challenges which required a full planning cycle to overcome.

Critical actions included the establishment of early and regular contact with Birmingham International Airport Air Traffic Control (ATC) who were clear, concise and professional at all times.

The full task brief was shared with controllers and an operational course of action agreed to mitigate the risks. These included close proximity to an active rail mainline (although a distance of 50m was observed) and a number of adjacent buildings. A flying height restriction was put in place along with contingencies for actions in the event of an emergency.

A comprehensive pre-site survey and extensive on-site risk assessment delivered a solid start to the task which took place at 6am to reduce public exposure to the operation.

Our remote pilot and observers were carefully positioned, communicating throughout with two-way radios. Monitored closely by the site manager, the task was flown without incident with airliners operating close by.

Thorough planning and open and positive communication were the keys to success in this task; methods that apply across the wide range of projects that Sky Revolutions undertakes.

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