Government Consultation with the BBC

Government Consultation with the BBC

The government’s consultation on new drone safety rules is launched today. The BBC asked for our thoughts in an interview on Radio 5 live this morning. For those of you not up for the Breakfast Show, here’s my summary response:

There’s a world of difference between what we call hobbyist drone users and commercial operators like Sky Revolutions. The government consultation focusses on users of hobby drones because there’s little understanding of the law and the rules surrounding drone use among that group. Recent CAA research for example showed only 54% of consumer drone users were aware of the Drone Code. 

For those of us working in the commercial sector, we operate well within the bounds of the law. We must have permission to fly from the CAA, and comply fully with an operations manual that they approve. This incorporates all aspects of the Drone Code and ICO Privacy laws.

Most of us in the commercial sector welcome the government’s consultation and will contribute in any way we can to support better controls across the sector. Drones have brought incredible benefits to society and to industry and we’re keen to play our part and help reinforce that positive story.

Organisations like ARPAS and the CAA are doing great work developing professional guidelines and standards across what is a young and rapidly developing industry. I’ll be constructing a response to the consultation to help ensure we play our part in supporting the development of better regulation and standards.

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