Drone Surveying CPD

Drone Surveying CPD

Drone Surveying CPD for the Institute of Civil Engineers

Sky Revolutions held a recent CPD session for members of the Institute of Civil Engineers to introduce drone inspections. Most participants were unaware of the broad applications of using drones in construction but had an appreciation of the potential benefits.

The session took place at Orton Hall and included a live demo of one of our industry-class Falcon 8 drones. Drone surveying in construction and civil engineering is rapidly gaining ground and applications for civil engineers include:

  • Building stock condition survey and inspection.
  • Structural health monitoring and precision surveying.
  • Crane/tower/scaffolding inspection providing real time footage to spot anomalies.
  • Inspection and survey for cartography, photography, topography, cadastral mapping, environmental impact assessment & land development.
  • H&S induction – site plans can be quickly updated to show new works (such as excavations) to ensure operatives stay safe
  • Surveying and monitoring of infrastructure.
  • Route surveying and monitoring.
  • Inspection and survey of bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts, culverts and subways.
  • General site inspection providing close examination and fast overviews of large sites.
  • Inspection and survey of surfaces, embankments, dams, reservoirs, protective and retaining walls.
  • Surveying and measurements of objects and facilities to create point clouds, topographic data, digital terrain modelling, 3D modelling, reconstruction and volumetric analysis.
  • Construction site surveys and monitoring for documentation of construction progress.
  • Remote sensing and surveying for archaeological geo-referencing, reconstruction and excavation monitoring.
  • Precision inspection and surveying of heritage monuments.
  • 360° panoramas – a more immersive experience to enhance appreciation of potential hazards and site orientation.
  • Live feeds to support real-time decision making.

Unlike ‘hobby’ quadcopter drones, our Falcon 8s provide enhanced awareness and prompt compensation of external forces like temperature, pressure and wind. High stability and speed combined with high quality data means great quality output. Waypoints and camera angles can be saved to reproduce – exactly – the same flight imagery for time comparisons.

Civil engineers can expect professional production of referenced image and geo data. 2D mapping, 3D data (RGB point clouds, topographical surveys, LiDAR, 3D models and visualisations), and raw imagery (aerial photography, video, thermal imagery and multi-spectral imagery) are typical outputs.

Drone surveys and drone inspections help engineers to optimise project and maintenance costs due to reduced labour costs, reduced set-up costs and reduced time.

If you would like Sky revolutions to run a drone survey CPD session for your institute, group, workplace or organisation, please get in touch.