Cost Scenario Case Studies

Cost Scenario Case Studies

Sky Revolutions offer a safer, quicker and more cost effective means of getting surveyors in front of the substrate to be inspected when compared to traditional methods such as cherry pickers, scaffolding or helicopters.

Condition survey of seventeen shops

Sky Revolutions (SRL) recently undertook a building condition survey of the facade of 17 shops located in Weston-super-Mare. The client required high resolution photos of the front, back and roof of the shops so that the images could be assessed to ascertain if any remedial work was required. SRL decided to use a telescopic mast to carry out the survey and capture the images required.

Usually, to facilitate this type of work, the surveyor would hire scaffolding to gain access and inspect/photograph the affected areas. Scaffolding, in comparison to the method used, would have been an extremely expensive and time consuming option. It would have taken approximately a week to erect and a further week to dismantle.

In addition, there would have been disruption to the public and business owners, and the scaffold would have taken up at least half of the pavement in front of the shops; a similar problem would have affected the residential entrances at the rear of the properties. By using the telescopic mast, the job was completed in two days with minimal disruption to residents and members of the public.

The mast carries high resolution camera equipment capable of pan, tilt and zoom functions enabling the operative to capture images in hard to reach places without leaving the ground – the obvious health and safety benefits being another huge advantage of using the mast over scaffolding.

The benefits of using the telescopic mast are an enormous reduction in time, disruption and cost:

Estimated time and disruption saving – 85%
Estimated cost saving – 93%

Solar panel inspection

Solar farm operators spend thousands of hours inspecting and identifying faulty solar panels. This is an expensive process if carried out manually and with the increase in the number of solar panels globally, O&M (operation and maintenance) has to be streamlined. UAVs can provide the answer by offering time-stamped, geotagged data using thermal imaging cameras.

Our thermal imagery identifies hot-spots, panel damage and connection problems. Using UAVs offers a measurable cost saving against manual inspection and enables the solar farm to return to peak efficiency in a much shorter time.

Aerial surveys offer a considerable time and cost saving over ground based inspections:

Estimated cost saving – 50%

School roof survey

There are many reasons why roof inspection surveys are conducted, for example: routine maintenance, warranty repairs, security, roof cleaning, vegetation damage, checking drainage, leak assessment, weathering and ageing, storm damage and many more.

The traditional way to survey a roof is to either use a ladder, powered access platform or assemble scaffolding to gain access to the roof. These methods are either expensive or have high Health and Safety risks attached.

Sky Revolutions (SRL) have the ability to carry out roof surveys without a surveyor having to leave the ground – immediately reducing the Health and Safety risks.

SRL recently undertook a roof condition survey for a school in Grantham. This detailed inspection was completed using a telescopic mast and high resolution camera equipment. Our masts can work at heights of up to 26 metres and have the ability to cantilever, meaning they can capture images of hard to access areas such as sloping roofs and reveals. SRL completed this job in one day and produced high quality images to the satisfaction of the client.

To provide scaffolding for a building this size would have run into tens of thousands of pounds and taken a number of weeks – causing disruption to staff and pupils.

By employing SRL the job was completed more quickly, cost effectively and safely:

Estimated time and disruption saving – 75%
Estimated cost saving – 99%

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