Be an Early Adopter

Be an Early Adopter

Be Among the First to Adopt Drone Tech in Your Sector.

Three years ago, there were 150 companies offering drone services in the UK. Last month, there were 2,380.

So are public and private sectors adopting drone technology at the same rate of increase? Well not quite. The majority of drone operators are in the early stages of development; many are still seeking investment and others are tackling the challenges of communicating the benefits of drone technology to their respective markets.

There’s a well-known innovation adoption curve that works very well in the drone industry generally, and in the drone surveying sector specifically. In my opinion, we’re beginning to move into the ‘early majority’ stage – where careful purchasers are looking at new ways of working but also looking for greater ‘acceptance’ in their sector.

Those that are making use of drone technology now are reaping the benefits of being in the early majority.

In surveying, drones mean faster data collection, safer data collection, increased data quality, and better data accuracy. There’s no doubt that our customers are gaining more data for far less budget and in a fraction of the time.

Drone technology has a clear advantage over traditional methods of surveying which means its rate of adoption is likely to increase over the coming year. The output of a drone survey is compatible with existing practices and produces data that our sector understands – in other words, it isn’t delivering anything that requires new skills to interpret.

The cost implications for our customers are net positive; trialling a drone survey is highly cost-efficient and represents very little risk to those considering the approach. Finally, the results are highly visible and quantifiable which should continue to drive reduction in uncertainty.

If you’re thinking about trialling aerial surveys by drone or you’re ready to be part of the early majority, get in touch today and see how your particular sector can benefit.