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Aston Group Case Study

Sky Revolutions always deploys the latest technologies, systems and software to ensure our offer is market-leading, and the most effective solution for our clients’ needs. When it comes to measured building surveys, this often means undertaking the survey itself in as little time as possible to avoid disruption inside buildings.

But although speed is critical, so is accuracy. We never want to put our clients in a position where their architect or Facilities Manager has to ask them additional technical questions about survey data. These combined requirements of speed and accuracy drove Aston Group to contact Sky Revolutions.

Aston Group is a facilities management company looking after the planned preventative and reactive maintenance for, among many others, Walthamstow Council. In order to assist with their PPM schedules, they commissioned Sky Revolutions to complete a series of measured building surveys for 23 local authority buildings in Walthamstow Council’s care. Two of those buildings, the Library and the Junction – an adult study centre – are highlighted in this case study and were the largest buildings to be surveyed.

Our lead surveyor Paul Rhodes, completed all surveys using the new state-of-the-art Leica RTC360 laser scanner. Whilst the tool isn’t always the star of the show when it comes to surveying (and Sky Revolutions uses other scanners such as the Trimble X7), the new Leica laser scanner takes centre stage for its speed and accuracy. This highly advanced scanner can scan a 79m2 room in just 26 seconds delivering an incredible 52 million data points in that time frame.

The Leica recognises every surface in a room, delivering accurate point cloud data and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery for the most complex projects with highly reliable 3D representations. Low noise data means better images resulting in crisp high-quality scans rich in detail and ready for use by all project stakeholders.

The technology is enhanced by human expertise and Paul’s experience means he knows how to read a room and can spot everything he needs to scan, very quickly. He uses location and maps data to sense check the size of the building – feeding into his scoping of the project and ensuring that nothing is missed. Data from the scanner is transferred to an iPad and reviewed before leaving site so that nothing is missed.

Final data is delivered to clients in a variety of 2D and 3D formats depending on needs (and in a BIM-compatible format as required) and can include cross sections, topographical data or drone imaging as the project dictates.

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Project Stats

Job TypeMeasured Building Survey
ClientFacilities Management Company
LocationWalthamstow, UK
BriefA range of measured building surveys for over 20 local authority buildings.