Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys from Sky Revolutions get to the heart of your site’s core features, capturing boundaries, levels, structural locations, and other features.

Topographic surveys are vital in supporting a case for proposed building or landscaping work, planning applications, highways design, pre- and post-demolition work, tree surveys, or to provide data for flood risk assessments.

Topographic surveys provide vital information for instance; for building or landscaping work.
Trimble S7 total station for topographical survey
Topographic surveys provide accurate data for a range of purposes

Time Saving Excellence

Sky Revolutions uses the latest instruments to undertake topographic surveys that allow our survey teams to collect a range of accurate data – quickly, efficiently and accurately. Among the equipment we use to conduct topographic surveys are total stations including the Trimble S7 (pictured) and the Geomax Zoom 90.

Instrument technology develops rapidly, and the latest tools and systems help us to collect data quicker than ever. This means we only need to be on site for relatively short periods of time, saving you money and making the whole process more efficient.

Experienced Teams

Sky Revolutions’ survey teams hold decades of experience in surveying – producing survey data for some of the UK’s most complex buildings, structures and landscapes. We undertake topographic surveys for a range of commercial customers but also produce surveys for domestic and residential markets too.

topographic survey equipment
Our experienced team completes topographic surveys and produces data for a range of commercial , domestic and residential markets
Hard hat, glasses, gloves and tape
Survey equipment

Marking the Boundary

Often, customers come to us to try and understand boundary and border issues – especially where an original boundary may have become difficult to identify over time, perhaps due to the movement of physical structures such as walls or fences. In these instances, we use HM Land Registry’s recorded boundary data on top of our topographic survey data to help customers make clear and informed decisions.

Deploying professional surveying services to undertake a topographic survey can be a cost-effective and quick first step in understanding and resolving boundary issues without the need for further expense.

The Full Picture

Topographic data can be issued in 2D or 3D formats and alongside other data including photographic imaging, site sections, spot heights of surrounding landscape features, and underground utility data – to help give you the most comprehensive and holistic view of your site.

If your project is a new site development, or you’re currently working with environmental or ecological consultants, introducing us before the survey means we can quickly check that we’ve planned to gather the most suitable data during the survey.

Example of format of data and information produced after measured building surveys
Measured building surveys
Man standing in front of a land surveying device by an office block

Get in Touch

Get in touch with our survey team to find out more about topographic surveys or visit our aerial surveying page to find out more about aerial topographic surveying.