How UK Councils Can Save Money on Property Maintenance in 2023

aerial roof surveys for local government authority

The total number of council-managed homes in the UK is currently over 1.6 million – each carrying an enormous maintenance and repair burden costing millions of pounds.

While most councils are committed to enact repairs swiftly and satisfactorily, it can be a challenge to manage ageing property portfolios effectively when funding and investment in regeneration is in short supply.

One of the ways Councils can meet their maintenance obligations is by keeping a close eye on the current state of every property in their portfolio through regular surveys.

Traditionally, roof surveys and property condition reports for housing stock were undertaken manually, with scaffolding erected around each property – allowing for human inspection.

Programmes of this scale can last anything upwards of a year, depending on the portfolio.

They can be intensive in terms of staff hours, and costly, and they can also be a nuisance for residents – particularly in the summer months when scaffolding can prevent window-opening.

For local authorities, finding partners who can offer significant cost efficiencies without impact on quality is critical. One solution is to deliver surveys by drone using aerial specialists Sky Revolutions.

Read how we helped one Local Authority save c.£1m on the cost on roof surveys by using drones.

This approach entirely negates the need for scaffolding, removes nuisance to residents, cuts down on the time needed to undertake surveys, delivers detailed data much quicker and, importantly, massively reduces inspection cost.

With current inflationary pressures adding to the mix, the boss of the National Housing Federation, Kate Henderson, was prompted to comment recently on ‘huge financial pressures’ facing Housing Associations following a report that the costs of key areas of business are rising above inflation.

The report found that rising construction prices were significantly impacting businesses in the housing sector, with annual construction price growth accelerating to 9.6% in June 2022. 

The cost of building new homes has been increasing at an even higher rate, with annual price growth at 12.3% more expensive than a year earlier.

Repair and maintenance prices have also surged over 2021 and 2022, with annual price increases for repair and maintenance materials peaking at 16.8% in April 2022.

Helping Councils to save money must be a focus for 2023 and beyond. Introducing drone technology as a key part of PPM programmes goes some way to achieving that.

Looking to save your Council money on property maintenance? Sky Revolutions not only has the latest equipment, but also the construction expertise required to provide accurate reporting to help you make informed decisions. Get in touch today to discuss with our team of surveying experts.