Drone Condition Surveys

We’re glad you’re here

We hope you found your visit to Homes UK useful and interesting. If you spoke with us at the show, the chances are you have an interest in aerial roof condition surveys – perhaps you manage building maintenance or you have a specific need in mind.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad you found us and really pleased to give you an overview of what we can do here. Please make sure you visit our other pages – particularly our roof surveys page – to find out more about our aerial survey services.

Safe, fast, cost-effective surveys

Sky Revolutions is a little different from other drone survey companies. We have many years experience surveying building roofs by drone, and we have a construction background. This means we can identify defects quickly, and interrogate them – giving you the best possible image data to make effective remediation decisions.

While scissor lifts, access platforms and scaffolding are still in use by some asset and facility managers; aerial solutions have dominated for some years now with drones delivering obvious speed, safety and cost advantages.

Aerial Roof Condition Survey
Aerial Drone Survey

Professional reassurance

In fact, more and more facilities professionals are transitioning to aerial surveys because they recognise how effective drones are at removing the considerable burden of roof access.

If you have responsibility for large or high buildings, blocks or difficult to access buildings – perhaps in built-up areas – you’ll understand some of those challenges. But while drones have become more commonplace, it’s still important to specify professionals for your aerial survey work.

Accreditation, qualification and insurance, together with expert piloting and construction expertise are the differentiating factors that deliver reassurance to the UK housing and construction sectors.

Range of data

So what do you get from your aerial survey? A set of ultra-hi-resolution geo-tagged images as standard – ready to overlay CAD drawings.

In addition you can specify a range of optional data as needed. This might include video, thermal or IR imagery to identify water penetration, or LiDAR imaging.

LiDAR imaging creates exceptionally detailed digital models of landscape, vegetation and building assets and is a great method of identifying ‘hidden’ infrastructure – building structure that perhaps can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Aerial Thermal Roof Surveys

Thermal Imaging

Increasingly of interest to many facility managers is the ability to identify heat loss – enabling you to understand weak points and make improvements to building efficiency.

Our drone cameras capture high definition data to produce thermal imaging maps. These map images identify leaks, poor insulation, heat loss, water-pooling, structural defects, connection problems or malfunctions.

Please get in touch with our team here if you’d like to know more about how drone roof surveys can help you manage the buildings in your portfolio.