Drone Surveys: Everything You Need To Know About Drone Surveys

What is a drone survey?

A drone survey is the process of capturing footage of an area via drone. This allows you to easily assess structural or technical qualities of the area from a distance. A drone survey is also known as an aerial survey and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) survey.

Construction Drone Surveys

What can drone surveys be used for?

Aerial surveys can be invaluable given that a drone provides a clear view of inaccessible and dangerous areas – and can save manual access time. These areas include roofs, transmission towers, power lines, bridges and more. Take a look into our aerial surveys here:

What are the main benefits of a drone survey?

The main benefits of a drone survey include time savings, cost-efficiency, and safety. Here’s why:


Drones are the most efficient way of surveying an area as they can be deployed rapidly and can easily reach areas that humans can’t. This saves your business time that might have been spent preparing staff and equipment – such as scaffolding.

Cost savings

Drone surveying is far quicker than regular surveying, so you’ll be saving on hours worked by staff. Also, instead of waiting for potential issues to grow into a more expensive fix, conducting frequent UAV surveys will help keep your facilities in top condition – this particularly applies to roof condition surveys.


Above all, the use of drones can reduce risk to staff when working in dangerous areas. Drones provide an unparalleled view and let you keep your people safe on the ground.

Which industries can drone surveys support?

Aerial surveys are used across many industries but are particularly useful in construction as they’re ideal for monitoring ongoing building or maintenance work.

Drones can easily access power lines, transmission towers, roofs and other structures and areas that can be hazardous to staff. Take a look at an example of how an aerial survey can be used to search for structural defects in this project completed for Marple Aqueduct in Stockport here.

Roof condition surveys are important for any organisation managing commercial, academic, or residential buildings to ensure they continually meet safety standards.

What equipment is needed?

Don’t concern yourself with complicated and technical stuff such as equipment, let us handle it. As leading experts in aerial surveys, Sky Revolutions is trusted by many of the UK’s top organisations and is CAA-certified – see our full list of accreditations here.

Thanks to over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, Sky Revolutions provides top service and expert advice, so you can trust us to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Through use of the latest technologies, we produce very high-quality images, that are particularly helpful for areas that the human eye cannot see.

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