Drone power line surveys

Our high-resolution cameras enable us to fly drones at a standoff distance from the infrastructure, thereby significantly minimising the risk of collision. A set of images is captured using a survey plan which deploys a methodical sequence to reference each image and help inform the resulting report. This high-resolution imagery allows the inspection engineer to quickly determine the condition of infrastructure and pinpoint corrosion points, pollution build up on insulators, and other damage.

Power line surveys are taken using drones
High Resolution Cameras on Drones
power lines close up
Difficult To Reach Power Lines Can Be Inspected Safely Using Drones

Benefits to the energy sector

By their nature, power lines are often situated in difficult-to-reach areas and run across large swathes of land. Our drone power line survey inspection process provides real benefits to energy companies by reducing the risks inherent in traditional manual inspection methods, at the same time as remaining dynamic enough to cover a significant footprint in a short timescale.

Time saving

Remote drone power line surveys take a fraction of the time of traditional inspection methods. In the past, manual inspections of a single network could take many months – a little like the Forth Bridge painting metaphor; once you’d finished, it was time to start again.

In networks that often span thousands of miles of cable and multiple power stations, manual inspections are being phased out. Transferring to aerial drone power line surveys makes considerable financial sense for asset managers in the energy sector.

remote drone power line surveys
Remote drone power line surveys offer efficiency with time and money
Aerial Inspection of Power Lines
Power line surveys help detect power line issues

Image quality

Detecting power line issues and inefficiencies is made simpler by aerial inspection. Our drone cameras get closer than the human eye and show incredible detail – enabling you to make more effective remediation decisions. General wear and tear, erosion, cracks, electrical malfunctions, assembly errors and invasive vegetation can all be identified quickly and easily.

All-weather fleet

Our market-leading drone fleet is certified and proven to fly unaffected by electromagnetic fields and antennas, making them the perfect choice for drone power line surveys. They are also able to fly in poor weather meaning you don’t have to wait for the sun to shine to commission a network or specific power line inspection.

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