An Introduction to Sky Revolutions for the Logistics Sector

Aerial image of a construction site
Construction site progress monitoring for the logistics and industrial sectors

Are you a developer looking to showcase your build? Read on to discover how our aerial filming services can help your business attract a larger audience within the logistics and industrial sectors.

Bringing the X factor to site marketing

Developing warehouses and logistics buildings are massive projects that require months of organisational and manual work. When these colossal developments are completed, they’re often marketed in a way that doesn’t full capture the grand size and scale of these buildings.

This is something which left our Director, Ben Gorham, with the question; how do we make big sheds stand out?

At Sky Revolutions, we’ve always been excited about the new possibilities that technology can bring. While any drone pilot can make an aerial video, they don’t always have the extensive knowledge of construction imaging that we do. Our passion for creating engaging drone films combined with our years of experience in the construction industry led us to expanding our services for the logistics and industrial sectors.

Aerial films for the logistics & industrial sectors

We’ll elevate your site marketing with our industry-leading aerial drone footage. Using drones to film your site from above allows us to create more exciting and dynamic content.

With an array of angles and sweeping camera movements to utilise, aerial films and images can capture the full scale of the build unlike anything else. This effectively showcases your industrial and logistics buildings to potential buyers, taking your marketing to the next level.

Aerial films are not just for completed developments – why not build anticipation early? Posting regular updates to your website property listings and social media pages can build momentum. Using our ultra-engaging drone footage will make your site stand out and keep potential buyers informed and interested.

Showcase your build with timelapse footage

Watch your build come to life through eye-catching timelapse films – condensing hours, weeks, and months into seconds. Timelapse films will impress your stakeholders and catch the attention of your target audience.

Looking to increase your social media impressions? Timelapse films are hyper-effective on social platforms – where attention spans are shorter and more immersive content keeps audiences engaged.

We attach our timelapse cameras to free-standing trailer-mounted masts, allowing us to show your build from the best possible view-point.

Sky Revolutions is the only UK construction imaging company with camera masts that can reach up to 30m high. We can also shoot internal timelapse films – helping you tell your build’s story from a variety of angles.

Progress monitoring

Timelapse cameras can also be set up to take images in intervals as short as every 30 minutes. Plus, we’ll provide you with your very own custom branded client portal. This means that you have 24/7 access to view your sites remotely, and directly download high-definition images and timelapse content.

The client portal acts as a handy virtual window for keeping an eye on the build progress without ever having to visit the site – ideal for cutting down travel costs and saving valuable time.

Take your build marketing to the next level

Having worked with a number of leading industrial developers, including Tritax Symmetry and GLP, we understand the importance of flexibility in our offerings. This is why we ensure to work closely with our clients to deliver a bespoke package with the best solution for your business.

Interested? Get in touch with our team of experts and let us know your business site marketing needs – whether it’s drone footage, timelapse or progress monitoring, we’re here to help.