Roof Survey

Traditional roof survey methods are time-consuming, costly and carry a not insignificant safety risk. In addition, if the roof is in poor condition, access may be severely limited meaning crucial data can be missed entirely.

Sky Revolutions provided Veolia with a photographic and Thermal Roof Survey to identify defects and leaks. Our survey was completed in a fraction of the time it would take for a manual inspection with little of the associated risk.

Thermographic imaging helps to identify water penetration, leaks, rot and mold in roofs and facades. Our industry-class Falcon8 drones can be fitted with thermal imaging equipment to detect defects that would otherwise be impossible to see.

By commissioning an aerial drone survey, clients can rest-assured they have a detailed and complete picture of their assets with all defects and problems identified. This helps generate more-informed decision making and more efficient remediation planning.

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Project Stats

Job TypeRoof Survey
LocationBirkenhead, Wirral.
BriefRoof surveys were traditionally undertaken using scaffolding, cherry pickers, ladders and physical roof-walking.