TATA Steel

Roof survey

Tata Steel required a photographic condition survey on all air conditioning units. Tata Steel is a world-leading business in the steel industry. It operates in 26 countries and has commercial offices in more than 35 countries. They are one of the largest steel producers in Europe with sites throughout the UK.

Aerial surveys are an increasingly popular method of identifying property maintenance issues; badly insulated offices, commercial and industrial roof leaks and water pooling problems.

Equally, assessing the condition of roof-based heating and cooling systems and checking the function of water supply networks, oil pipelines and air conditioning systems can be achieved quickly, safely and efficiently by air using drones.

Maintaining efficient office and manufacturing premises is key to ensuring successful day-to-day operations. We undertook an aerial inspection of the air-conditioning units, delivering highly-detailed, high-resolution photographic imagery to allow their Facilities Management team to make accurate and informed maintenance decisions.

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Project Stats

Job TypeRoof Survey
ClientTATA Steel
BriefTata Steel required a photographic roof survey on all air conditioning units