North London Tower

Drone survey

Our client wanted an aerial survey of the ventilation tower of a swimming pool. They needed to monitor the movement of the brickwork as well as the condition of the timber purlin embedded within the gable wall. High level of access was therefore required for both parts of the job.

Our client suggested use of a Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) or a drone to view the tower so that an intrusive investigation could be carried out. Sky Revolutions completed both parts of the job with a drone fitted with a high resolution camera which allowed a high level of zoom for close inspection.

The job was completed within an hour and we provided approximately 12 images to the client the next working day, helping them make an informed remediation decision with greater speed than manual inspection methods would have allowed.

We have supported the heritage and ecclesiastical sectors using similar approaches to help asset managers and building guardians get a close look at ultra-high structures. The efficiencies delivered by drones and drone surveys are helping the sector take a more cost-effective approach to PPM specifically and maintenance budgeting generally.

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Project Stats

Job TypeDrone survey
LocationLondon, UK
BriefTo help Concord College build a comprehensive and attractive visual introduction to its campus.