Durham University

University Marketing

Durham University were looking for suppliers to help them with a university marketing programme. The academic institution’s new Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science Faculty falls under a university strategy for rehousing the departments in a brand-new building.

To help market the project, Durham University turned to Sky Revolutions to kick-start a new university marketing project using aerial film.

Construction on the new building began in early November 2018 and the building is expected to be ready for use in the academic year 2020 / 21. The project is part of a £40 million state-of-the-art building that will house learning, teaching and study spaces.

University marketing films can help keep stakeholders abreast of development and provide valuable PR in the competitive process of student recruitment.

Sky Revolutions created original aerial film content in a format ready for a university marketing plan. The footage shows the building in the context of its environment. A mix of birds’ eye view perspectives, sweeping drone footage and varying speeds help convey something of the value of the project, and the esteem in which the faculty is held at the university.

University marketing films, whether exterior development footage or interior student-focussed footage, can significantly help stakeholders, prospective students and parents understand the campus, what’s on offer and the investment made by academic institutions in the pursuit of quality higher education.

During the COVID pandemic, university marketing films can help reassure stakeholders that the campus is still marketable and allows those unable to visit to understand the academic space.

To find out more about how drone films can help university marketing, please get in touch with one of our experts today.

Project Stats

Job TypeAerial imaging for university marketing
ClientDurham University
LocationDurham, UK
BriefDurham University were looking for suppliers to help them with a university marketing programme