Concord College

Aerial Photography

Sky Revolutions was recently contacted by Concord College – a highly respected independent day and boarding school in Shrewsbury, UK. The school was looking for an experienced, safe, and accredited drone photography and video company to provide aerial photography to support three important upcoming projects.

Concord College welcomes girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 19 to its picturesque 80-acre campus – and the school is always bustling with activity. Many students live on campus at Concord College, while others visit daily. This meant that the safety of the staff and students would be paramount throughout the photoshoots. As such, Concord College was looking for a drone photography company that has the training, accreditations, and experience to ensure the safety of all staff and students in the area. As one of the longest-standing operators in the field, Sky Revolutions was the obvious choice.

After discussing the projects and the footage that would be required, it was agreed that Sky Revolutions’ Operations Manager Steve Kessack would lead two photoshoots on campus. The first was aimed at capturing aerial footage and images to support a messaging campaign focused on Concord College’s popular Summer School and University Preparation courses. The second shoot would focus on the promotion of the main term while also providing footage for an ambitious virtual tour project.

Beyond safe, professional piloting, there were several other important facets to consider – including those related to the technical and creative work of shooting promotional photography. The aerial photography and video would need to communicate the layout of the grounds and the spatial relationships between each of its buildings. It was also important that the images and video convey a sense of how staff and students use and enjoy the pristine facilities on a day-to-day basis.

Nowadays, digital solutions are starting to fill the gaps where physical meetings and site visits aren’t possible. Just as more and more remote teams work and collaborate digitally, virtual location tours are also an increasingly popular way of supplementing in-person visits in a wide range of industries and fields. Young people and their families travel from all around the world to visit and study at this prestigious school, but long-distance travel to see the school on an open day isn’t always possible for all families. For that reason, Concord College had planned an interactive, 360-degree virtual tour to help to give families an idea of how it feels to be on campus.

Another important goal of the shoot, therefore, was to convey a sense of the atmosphere of life at the school through the footage. This would require a good understanding of angles, distances, camera settings, image resolutions, all other aspects of aerial photography. Sky Revolutions prides itself on offering a unique combination of safe flying expertise and technical knowhow, as well as photographic acumen and an understanding of content marketing. Mastering these two sides of promotional aerial photography has given Sky Revolutions a uniquely broad skillset, built up over years of experience in the field of aerial photography.

Thanks to advances in drone, camera, and web technology, Sky Revolutions is now able to help establishments like Concord College to offer digital solutions that can streamline the process of getting a feel for the school, helping parents and pupils to make informed decisions. High quality photography, video, and interactive 360-degree panoramas help to bring a location to life in ways that were not previously possible.

Working with Concord College on such a valuable project was a privilege and a pleasure. Sky Revolutions is always delighted to provide solutions that make our clients happy and to be involved in projects that push the technological boundaries. After the shoot, Sky Revolutions provided Concord College with photos, video, and interactive 360-degree aerial shots of the school and the surrounding area. The team was delighted with the footage, going so far as to call Sky Revolutions’ 360-degree aerial photography “amazing”.

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Project Stats

Job TypeAerial photography and video for marketing and promotion
ClientConcord College
LocationShropshire, UK
BriefTo help Concord College build a comprehensive and attractive visual introduction to its campus.