Aerial Film

We recently visited Cygnum in Ireland to plan, shoot, and edit an aerial film to help them to communicate the many benefits of timber-frame homes. Timber frames are one of the oldest known methods of building in the developed world and their popularity in the UK has grown significantly thanks for their energy efficiency. Cygnum was looking for a drone filming company to develop an aerial film showcasing its factory-controlled building methods, its focus on sustainability, and the reduced on-site labour requirements of their approach.

Cygnum invited Sky Revolutions’ qualified and highly experienced drone pilots to their premises for a two-day aerial film shoot covering every stage in the process of creating a new home. The shoot involved both indoor and outdoor locations, so Sky Revolutions selected drone and camera technology that was well suited to each environment. Our post-production specialists then edited the aerial film footage and added motion graphics to highlight the key messages.

In residential construction, it’s important that contractors, stakeholders, and owners have access to the data they need to stay up to date with the progress of the development. We provide our customers with the assets they need for logistics and pre-planning, for monitoring site safety, and – increasingly – for marketing their services.

To learn more about Sky Revolutions – a leading drone filming company – and our approach to aerial film, check out our website. Alternatively, to discuss your marketing video plans, get in touch via the contact form or call us on +44 (0)1778 560929.

Project Stats

Job TypeAerial imaging
BriefAerial film to help them to communicate the many benefits of timber-frame homes