UK-based commercial developer

Aerial Construction Progress Photography

Our pilots carried out fortnightly shoots at a site in Stoke-on-Trent, where the developer was constructing a series of large storage sheds for commercial goods. Sky Revolutions provided still images, video, time-lapse video, and interactive 360-degree images throughout the duration of the construction project.

Our footage provided the client with a range of benefits:

  • Our service provided the client with useful data that it could use to keep stakeholders abreast of on-site developments.
  • Seeing the project in its entirety, and in great detail, strengthened the developer’s ability to run a safe and organised construction site, and enabled it to demonstrate that capability to others.
  • Having a well-presented package of photography and video proved useful for marketing purposes, helping our client to promote its services.
  • Our footage created interest among staff members, helping to highlight discussion points.

What is Construction Progress Photography?

We provide drone or fixed-position imagery of your site throughout the duration of your construction project, to give you a comprehensive record of the process.

Sky Revolutions visits your site as frequently as you specify, with weekly and fortnightly shoots being the most common intervals. Our qualified drone pilots shoot aerial imagery of the entire area from a variety of angles.

We send you the footage, typically including both photographs and video, from each shoot after it takes place. This helps construction project managers to monitor sites more efficiently than ever and to get the information they need in a timely manner.

Over time, this builds into an invaluable data package that can be used track your project, monitor site safety, and even to promote your services.

What is Fixed-Position Construction Photography?

In addition to the drone photography service for which Sky Revolutions is well known, we now offer an innovative fixed-position aerial photography service. This involves installing a camera on the site, which remains in a static, elevated position for the duration of the build.

Throughout this period, we are able to access the images from the camera and can even export a time-lapse video consisting of every photo that has been shot to date, giving our clients a useful, on-demand overview of their projects at any stage.

How Much Does Aerial Construction Progress Photography Cost?

Sky Revolutions offers a series of affordable and straightforward packages for construction companies that cover all the essentials. In our experience, these are ideal for most builds. Our aim is to ensure that our pricing is not only highly competitive, but accessible to projects of any size.

For more complex projects or specialised requirements, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss a custom package to suit your needs. Find out more about our experience in the logistics sector here.

Project Stats

Job TypeAerial Construction Progress Photography
ClientA large, UK-based commercial developer
LocationStoke-on-Trent, UK
BriefSky Revolutions was asked to provide aerial construction progress photography for a large development in the UK.