Infrastructure Issue

June 2021

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The National Infrastructure Strategy

In this special infrastructure issue, we look at how the drone survey sector can align with the National Infrastructure Strategy in 2021. By the government’s own admission, the UK has under-invested in infrastructure for the past 40 years. However, in 2019 the government pledged to undertake an ‘infrastructure revolution’ to address the issue. Of interest to the aerial surveying sector (and specifically the drone surveying sector) is the strategy borne from that commitment – the National Infrastructure Strategy.

Download the full briefing here.

Project Speed

Within the Strategy is reference to ‘Project Speed’ – an initiative that sets out to review every part of the infrastructure project life cycle and identify where improvements can be made in order to deliver on its strategy:

  • Better

To incorporate wider economic, social and environmental benefits.

  • Greener

Ensuring the requirements of the net zero commitment are embedded in project lifecycles and, importantly, underpin decisions on the technical solutions chosen.

  • Faster

Simplifying and shortening the processes needed to deliver.

Find out how the drone sector can align with the objectives of Project Speed

Ten Steps to take part

Details of the ten crucial steps for drone operators to get involved are contained in the briefing. It details how a recommendation to take every opportunity to show the construction sector how we work and what we can deliver will help secure our place in the National Infrastructure Strategy. The UK drone survey sector is a network of professional operators that can support the aims of modernising the UK infrastructure and construction sectors and promote Global Britain.

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We say:

“As a sector, we need to continue to communicate the benefits of our commercial offer, and to collectively raise the profile of those endeavors. We have much to offer the UK as it enacts its infrastructure strategy, and we can support throughout the project lifecycle with mapping, monitoring and marketing activities that help speed project delivery and promote Global Britain.”


aerial briefing document

Download the full briefing document here [PDF]