10 Reasons Why You Need High-level Time Lapse Cameras on Your Construction Site – Now.

1. Mega Marketing

Time lapse films are incredibly satisfying to watch and make for engaging marketing content. Compress your build into 20 seconds of high-impact, high-energy film to use through all your marketing channels.

2. Happy Employees and Partners

Invite your teams to view the results of their efforts in a motivational visual record of their involvement – promoting pride in achievement.

3. Get the Best Angle

Time lapse cameras mounted to high-level masts mean you don’t need an adjacent building to use as a mounting point, so you’re free to select the best angle to film from.

4. See More

And with masts, you’ll see more of your site from heights of up to 100’. For large sites and big shed builds, that’s the difference between seeing some of your site and seeing all of it.

5. Get the Widest View

Our time lapse cameras shoot at 220° – a broader range than most cameras on the market and double the scope of standard cameras, perfect for very large sites and big shed builds.

6. Incredible Value for Money

Time lapse films are a low-cost way of capturing your build, providing one of the most cost-efficient ways of producing high quality visual marketing content today.

7. Great Stills

As well as film, our time lapse cameras allow you to access great stills, time-stamped from any stage of the construction process – to use however you like, perfect for marketing or stakeholder communications.

8. Look Live

Good time lapse systems allow live access through password protected portals, meaning you can take a look at your sites and see progress, live – any time, day or night.

9. Keep Clients Happy

Time lapse films are a great way to keep your clients updated on build progress – or gift them a finished film to use in their own communications once they’ve taken up residency.

10. Low Management Need

As long as your time lapse systems are professional spec, weather-resistant, independently powered, and properly installed, they require very little management time to control – leaving you free to do what you’re best at – constructing great buildings!

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